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❤ Have you entered the sorority sugar • sockprints Big/Little Nifty Knee High Giveaway??

❤ {3} LUCKY WINNERS will receive {2} pairs of custom sorority knee high socks to share with their BIG/LITTLE!!!! PERFECT for bid day, new member gifts and big/little reveal! Soooooo sorority sweet.

 super sweet spotlight 

Laptop DECAL DAZZLE!! I LUV these adorable hand sign decals from TWYK: Throw What You Know! Perfect for bid day tote bags & big/little gift giving! ❤ XOXO 

{Custom orders available too! email:}

looking for unique lavalieres!

Q: First of all, I LOVE your blog and Pinterest boards because I’m addicted! My family line has always given lavalieres for Christmas gift after your initiation gift from big to little. My little is super unique, and I love her to bits. Any good ideas on where to find unique lavalieres? Thanks a bunch!

A: I am a huge fan of lavalieres for their classic traditional look. They are soooo sorority! And what a nice tradition you have for big/little gifting. I have several favorite places for you to shop for unique lavalieres! 

• NAVA NY: beautiful lavalieres in a variety of looks: 

THE COLLEGIATE STANDARD: charming lavalieres with CZ “diamonds”  Swarovski crystals and different styles: 

A•LIST GREEK: gorgeous sorority jewelry from one of my Sweet Elite Sponsors that’s not your typical lavalier, but the designs might be the something different you are looking for: 

I highly recommend all of these amazing sorority jewelry companies! XOXOXOXOXO!!