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Just wanted to say, I recently pledged with Sigma Sigma Sigma on campus and I owe a lot of my success during Rush to your blog for helping me prepare for it! Nobody in my family has ever done it before (my mom's dad was against sororities), and I knew NOBODY when I came to this college, so I was going in fairly blind. But thanks to your blog I really feel like I was just as well-prepared as any of the other PNMs(: Thanks so much! :*

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!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS & thank you SO MUCH! !!!!!!!! No one in my family had been in a sorority either and I went away to ASU without knowing a soul. So I can really identify with your situation. Enjoy your sorority days as a Tri Sigma and make the most of it!! xoxo ;) 

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Another successful example of sorority sugar Sweet Elite Sponsor Digital Pix & Composites composite restoration services! Save your precious sorority memories and preserve your chapter history. 

❥ University of Wisconsin-Whitewater • Sigma Sigma Sigma • Then & Now!

Last spring, Tri Sigma at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater had a fire break out in their chapter house. Thankfully, firefighters were able to quickly respond and all of the members made it out safely. However, the house and its belongings, including composites were damaged by smoke and water.

The Digital Pix & Composites team made the trip up to Wisconsin to retrieve the composites. The damaged composites were carefully deconstructed. After editing the images, the restored composites were printed and re-framed using hand-crafted wooden frames. Digital Pix was able to deliver the repaired composites back to the sorority house for the start of the fall semester!

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