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Do you know where I can get some BIG letters made? Like 4.5 to 5inch letters? Me and my family are very busty and we want some awesome ones that dont look extra small on us!

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Of the greek letter apparel companies that I recommended in my last post, these are how the sizes break down ~ 

JENNABENNA carries XL & XXL shirt sizes.

Fashion Greek apparel is also available thru XXL. 

GREEK U offers sizes up to XL. tees are available thru XXL. 

Agh dilemma! I have an even tonight and have to wear my philanthropy to shirt. I want to look cute but shorts aren't a good idea because it's going I be cold! How else can you cuteify a tshirt?

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Colored or denim skinny jeans! That would be my choice if shorts are not an option. Add a statement necklace to jazz it up. xoxo ;)