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☀ premier tier sponsor spotlight ~ ENSYD! ☀

ENSYD is currently my fantastic Premier Tier Apparel Sponsor. I have been sharing their terrific designs all month and now you can get the inside “scoop” on this cool greek apparel company. I recently interviewed owner Dalton Gerlach to learn more about ENSYD!


SS: How did you come to start ENSYD and why did you choose to sell greek merchandise?

ENSYD: I was a just your average college kid scraping by and was SO bored of my campus office job. I needed to get creative about how to pay next months rent. I always loved apparel and design, so one game day I posted up outside the stadium and sold shirts I designed and printed. One thing let to another, and I started making shirts for campus clubs and the Greek community. Magically, Ensyd was born. Clients shifted mostly towards Greeks since they really appreciate our progressive design, styles, garment treatments, and service.

SS: What makes your apparel stand out in the crowded sorority marketplace?

ENSYD: We are doing amazing design and production from start to finish! Everything happens under one roof which allows us to make sure the merchandise going out to customers passes our rigorous quality standard test. We are also fervently searching for the best unique products from selected partners, like our most recently collaboration with Los Angeles clothing line Lemon Cake ( // @lmncake).


SS: What’s your favorite style or type of ENSYD design?

ENSYD: My favorite style is definitely something simple, flowy, and clean that still makes a statement. Ensyd specializes in a unique dye treatment, amazing blended fabric, unique flattering cut, and special printing techniques. To this end, we are LOVING the magical garment styles from our exclusive partnership with Lemon Cake. For design, nothing gets me more excited than when we perfectly pair a fantastic font and basic graphic onto a unique garment – chic simplicity.

SS: What’s the funniest or craziest thing that’s ever happened at your company?

ENSYD: Oh my gosh too many to tell! We are a super close team and hang out all the time, so we are full of stories. One really good (or bad) one was when we were doing a photo shoot on the Ensyd HQ rooftop on a scorching hot DTLA summer day. We were hanging out, blasting music, having a great time until somehow the window that we crawl out of the office onto the roof fell down and slammed shut! The entire team, model, and photographer were locked out and stuck on the roof! So we yelled down for help and finally found a neighbor to break into the office and let us back in. Needless to say, we were all very sunburnt the next day!


SS: How did you come up with the unique ENSYD name and what does it mean?

ENSYD: ENSYD (pronounced ‘Inside’) is short for Ensyd the Box. We thought it was a fun play on words considering we are packing amazing gear “Ensyd” boxes everyday. 

SS: Do you have any exciting new plans or new products on the horizon?

ENSYD: YES! We are launching a nationwide Campus Rep Program starting Fall 2014. Really excited to work with awesome students across the country, hook them up with cool gear and give them an incredible $ financial $ opportunity. Anyone interested can apply HERE:



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