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♡ big/little get-to-know-you date ideas for NEW pairs! ♡

Q: I just got a little this year and I’m super excited to get to know her and be someone’s big, but I’m also super nervous. What are some good big/little date ideas in the beginning, to get to know each other?

A: I think ‘doing something’ to ease the initial awkwardness of a new relationship is an excellent idea! You might not be ready to just sit and chat over coffee. Adding a fun activity as a ‘buffer,’ while you get to know each other, helps most bigs and littles relax. This is hopefully just the beginning of a long friendship and many good times. xoxo ;)


♡ 48 ‘New’ Big/Little Things to do Together: 

  1. Shopping - of course! 
  2. Movies 
  3. Museum trip for a special exhibit.
  4. Campus concert or musical performance.
  5. Art gallery hopping.
  6. Attend greek mixers & parties together in matching costumes.
  7. Lunch or dinner at your favorite spots.
  8. Attend a football game & tailgating together.
  9. Go to a campus play, or other performing arts event.
  10. Mani/Pedis with ice cream, smoothies, or frozen yogurt afterwards.
  11. Amusement park day with a group of other big/little pairs.
  12. Picnic in the park - pack her favorite foods.
  13. Chic Flick movie marathon and slumber party.
  14. Bike riding - explore your area on two wheels.
  15. Take a yoga or other exercise class together. 
  16. If you have access to a kitchen, cook together - cupcakes, cookies, individual pizzas, gourmet salads, etc…
  17. Go to a comedy club - see if you have the same sense of humor.
  18. Study together in the library - help each other with tough subjects. 
  19. Attend a weekend festival or farmers market in your town.
  20. Binge watch a favorite TV show online.
  21. Paint ceramics or canvases at an art studio. 
  22. Give up bad habits together. Help each other stop smoking, stop drinking too much. or stop eating fatty foods.
  23. Get make-up applications together at a department store cosmetic counter. 
  24. Go for afternoon tea at a tea parlor. 
  25. Take a weekend trip together to the mountains or the beach.
  26. Go rock climbing at an indoor rock wall.
  27. Go wine tasting or on a pub crawl - if legal age of course.
  28. Take a jewelry making or pottery class together.
  29. Attend a local flea market and buy some vintage bobbles. 
  30. Give each other nicknames. 
  31. Host a poker night and invite some other big/littles to play.
  32. Fly kites in the park. 
  33. Plan an informal scavenger hunt at a funky used book store or thrift shop. See who can find the weirdest old books in different categories. 
  34. Go swimming or boating together. 
  35. Take a helicopter ride together. 
  36. Plan an afternoon of horseback riding. 
  37. Volunteer together and work side by side.
  38. Enjoy a trip to the zoo. Act like little kids again.
  39. Depending on what’s in your area, go to: an aquarium, water park, go-cart race track, mini golf, a zip line, ski slopes, ice skating rink, or kayaking/canoeing.
  40. Create and share a big/little Pinterest board together.  
  41. Try a new coffee shop, or new restaurant together, and have fun playing food critics. 
  42. Pretend you’re tourists in your college town and go on a photo shoot. Share your pictures at the end of the day. This could also be a photo scavenger hunt around the city. 
  43. Pick fruit together: apple picking, berry picking, pumpkin picking.
  44. Buy a challenging jigsaw puzzle and spend time putting it together. With a little wine on the side. 
  45. Write together as big/little. Write your own Life Plans and share your goals. Write your “bucket lists” and share your wishes and dreams. 
  46. Go dancing or take a dance class together. 
  47. Throw a board game party and invite other big/littles. 
  48. Swap clothes you no longer want. Have your own big/little fashion exchange. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

So I'm currently going through big/little week and the girl I want to be my big told me so wanted to be my little. We get along so good but yesterday one of her clues was that she's an in state student but we both come from the same city out of state. Can your future big lie in their clues to make the reveal more exciting or is it a different girl?

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A sister shouldn’t outright lie, so it’s probably a different girl. Sometimes, just like rush, you don’t always get your #1 pick, or the big’s #1 pick. It’s a difficult match-making system. So please be happy and gracious with whoever your future big is.

Normally the clues should be “mysterious” and clever so they keep the little guessing. But to purposefully mislead with an untruth is not cool. And if the clues are lies, what’s the point? The basic facts should be honest, and if some are too obvious, then a big should use some other clues. While sticking to the truth. 

Bigs like to fool littles into thinking they’re not the choice. So, it could be your big is going “too far” to hide her identity. But you should be prepared for whatever happens at reveal. If the clues turn out to be false, then your big spoiled the spirit of clue week. If your new big is someone else, then she is giving you legitimate hints to her identity. You might want to start contemplating who it might be! You will have an interesting reveal to say the least. xoxo ;)

This weekend I'll be attending a formal. I'm a freshmen and have never been to one and don't know what to expect. Help!

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Greek formals are a little bit like proms, but less glitzy and more grown up. Girls may wear cocktail dresses instead of long gowns. It all depends on the traditions at your campus. There will be food and drink, music and dancing. There may also be some sorority/fraternity awards or a video included in the evening. Formals are very nice dress up occasions similar to your high school prom or a wedding reception. Look your best, stay classy and have a good time on the dance floor! xoxo ;)

Just wanted to say I got my bid for a local chapter today! They were so welcoming and were so interested and what not that I was a Wiccan and looking to join! I'm so happy thy picked me! I'm so proud now to say I am a new member of Chi Delta Epsioln! I can't wait to see where I go from here!

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!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ !!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and I wish you all the best on your greek journey. Fantastic! xoxo ;)

I see a lot of themes for socials and whatnot, but what do sororities and fraternities do at these socials? Do they just sit around and talk, or do the pictures just show them in their cute outfits minus the actual event they are attending?

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Many times the mixer/exchange/social theme will involve an activity like matching your costume to another guest or some other party “activity” like signing everyone else’s shirts. There may also be entertainment of some kind. For example, mechanical bull riding for a western theme party. Or hula dancing at a tropical island social. There can be competitive games, a band playing, a costume contest, food activites like make your own pizza, casino style games, etc… Of course lots of socializing, talking and flirting also takes place.

Another factor is who is hosting the party. Fraternity mixers are a little looser than sorority hosted events. Sororities have more restrictions on drinking alcohol in their houses than frats do. The keg parties and drinking games take place at the fraternity houses. 

All and all co-ed greek socials are part costume party, part cocktail party, party singles mixer and part fun & games. Especially exciting when you’re a new member. As you get older, you will probably grow out of them, but for younger sisters they are a total blast! xoxo ;)

sorority sugar blog update: contest requests!

It’s that time of year again for greek Facebook and Instagram contests. SInce there are so many, I do not post those announcements on my Tumblr blog. But you are welcome to post them yourself on the sorority sugar Facebook Page. 

Many of the competitions are via Facebook anyway, so it’s convenient. I just can’t manage all of the requests on Tumblr. Thanks so much! XOXO :)

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Another successful example of sorority sugar Sweet Elite Sponsor Digital Pix & Composites composite restoration services! Save your precious sorority memories and preserve your chapter history. 

❥ University of Wisconsin-Whitewater • Sigma Sigma Sigma • Then & Now!

Last spring, Tri Sigma at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater had a fire break out in their chapter house. Thankfully, firefighters were able to quickly respond and all of the members made it out safely. However, the house and its belongings, including composites were damaged by smoke and water.

The Digital Pix & Composites team made the trip up to Wisconsin to retrieve the composites. The damaged composites were carefully deconstructed. After editing the images, the restored composites were printed and re-framed using hand-crafted wooden frames. Digital Pix was able to deliver the repaired composites back to the sorority house for the start of the fall semester!

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☠ Sweet on ΣΣΣ Sayings:  ☠ 

  • LivΣ LifΣ LikΣ A Boss
  • Let Your Dreams Set Sail with Sigma 
  • ThΣ TimΣ of Your LifΣ
  • Holdin’ it Down Since 1898
  • Tri Till I Die 
  • Σigma Σsisterhood Makes Us Σtronger 
  • Tri Sigma or Not At All
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, Tri Sigma Girls are Best By Far 
  • Sigma Floats My Boat
  • ♥ Bow Ties and Sigma Tri’s
  • The Best Girls Wear Purple & Pearls
  • We BΣliΣvΣ in Each Other
  • Skull & Crossbones, Violets & Pearls - That’s What Makes Me a Tri Sigma Girl
  • Why TRI Anything Else
  • One Life, One Love, One Letter
  • Forever the Royal Purple

 from: Sayings By Chapter for the 26 NPC Sororities

Hello! Do my big wants a blanket for her alum gift. I don't want to make a tie blanket because she already has a couple. Do you have any suggestion on alum crafts/ letter blankets? ALAM

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I highly recommend a keepsake sorority tee shirt blanket from one of my 2 favorite greek quilt companies: PROJECT REPAT & 3-STITCH CREATIONS!! xoxo ;)





★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Just wanted to thank you for everything you and your blog have done for me! I messaged you recently asking about a bid I received during informal recruitment and really thought about my options. I'm so happy to say that I'm now a new member of Delta Gamma!!! I'm so excited to experience Greek life and a sisterhood for the rest of my college life. Thank you so, so much.

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!!!!!!!!!!! DO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!! You made a wise decision! DG is a strong organization and you will get many rewards out of your membership!!

 For Hope. For Strength. For Life. ⚓ 

I go on different websites and see people talking about top, middle, and bottom tier sororities. What does that mean exactly and is being in a bottom tier sorority really that bad?

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Tiers are mostly in the minds of the beholders. Outsiders and other greeks like to assign rankings to sororities on campus, but those opinions are not always based on reality. Tiers are a mixture of gossip, personal opinions, tradition, reputation, some truth and what a chapter’s status is that semester. Some are hot and some are not. But if you live within the sorority, being happy, accepted and appreciated is much more important. 

There are sororities which are large, strong, successful, and achieve on every level. They may legitimately be the top performers. But that doesn’t mean every PNM would be happy joining them. There are different tastes for different girls. In fact the worst thing you can do is join a sorority “just because” it’s perceived to be top tier. After pledging you could find yourself lost, lonely and stressed that you can never really relax around your sisters. A type-A personality might flourish in that kind of chapter, but a more laid back girl would hate it. Thank goodness there is a variety of options at most universities. Choice doesn’t always mean better or worse. In greek life it can just mean “individually unique.”

That’s why I tend to look at sororities as being distinct. There are a variety of houses for a variety of PNMs. Not everyone wants a super competitive, expensive, heavy partying, or sexy sisterhood. Other girls would be bored silly in a sorority that crafts all the time or does extra community service. All PNMs should go where they genuinely feel at home, where they can blossom and where they find a lifestyle match.

While it’s true that some sororities are smaller, and not as flashy as other houses, that doesn’t make them the “bottom” or less worthy to the sisters who belong. They love each other, they have a blast together and for them it’s a perfect fit. Every NPC sorority provides it’s members with an enriching  experience, inspiration and close friendships. All houses, large to small, express their own “style” of sisterhood. Thankfully ~ to each her own! xoxo ;)