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So I'm going to a community college since my mom doesn't have money to send me to a university. Worst case scenario, I stay there 2 years and get an associates degree + guaranteed admissions to whatever school I want. Would sororities not accept a junior transfer? Would I still be eligible for greek life? Also, is there anything I can do before to make myself look better to sororities? I want to be in a sorority so bad and want to make sure it can still happen! Thanks!!

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YES you can still join as a junior. Many girls are transfer students, or decide to go greek as “older” PNMs. While you’re in community college, stay as active and involved are you were in high school. Do things on campus, join a special interest club, volunteer with your favorite charity in town, participate in your church, etc… As long as you keep your life going you will be ready for your transfer one day. You are eligible to pledge as long as you’re in college, and beyond for some chapters. 

If finances are an issue, you can also work part time, which will give you even more experience as a future PNM. Working will help pay for your sorority dues and provide you with some interesting adventures. Sororities are looking for enthusiastic members who live life to the fullest. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s more about being an active and dynamic person. xoxo ;)

☀ 6 new member get-to-know-you games! ☀

New members mean new member retreats, meetings and sisterhood activities! Help your pledges get to know each other, and the chapter get to know the new girls, with some fun ‘get aquatinted’ games. These ice breakers and bonding games will assist everyone in making a closer connection!


 6 fun sisterhood “let’s get better acquainted” games: ☀

  • Blanket Name Game. Divide the new member class into teams of 10. Two teams go to the front of the room and sit on the floor. Have several assistants hold a large blanket or curtain between the two groups so they can’t see each other. For turns, one member of a team stands up in front of the blanket, the leader counts “1,2,3” and the blanket is dropped. The first player on the other team to correctly shout out the name of the girl standing wins a point. Raise the blanket again and the other team puts a member forward for the next turn at name guessing. Keep alternating team guesses and tally the points. Repeat until one team reaches a certain number of points, or your time limit runs out. 
  • Connecting Stories Game. Have the new members, or the chapter, divide into groups of 8-10. Distribute a pen and a small stack of post-it notes to each sister. The goal of the game is to connect mini-stories in an interesting way. Each person must share at least 1 item that connects to the previous part of the story. The post-its and pens are for jotting down key words and notes about the story. The first player begins by sharing an interesting story (the more quirky the better) Then the next player adds to the story by using one item from the first story and on around the group. One sentence is ideal for each storyteller. For example, the first girl says, “I am a chocoholic and I can’t go to sleep at night without a candy bar before bed.” The next girl has to use one key element from the first story to continue on. She might say, "Once I got lost in the woods at summer camp and all I had to eat for two days was a candy bar." The next player picks up on the word woods and adds, "Speaking of woods, my family had a cabin in the woods and it burned down after being struck by lightening." The stories are a fabulous way to learn new and interesting things about your sisters! At the conclusion, each small group can share their ‘connected story’ with everyone else. 
  • Four Corners Share. Give each sister one standard sheet of paper and a pencil or pen. Ask everyone to fold the paper two times to create four squares, or draw lines to make four squares. Divide into smaller groups of 6-8 for a more manageable size if needed. The leader asks everyone questions for each square. The players must draw a picture as the “answer.” The topics can be as fun, or as deep, as you want. For example for new members getting to know each other, you could ask: "In the top left box, what are your favorite hobbies? In the top right box, what is your ideal vacation spot? In the bottom left box, what are the most important things in your life? And in the bottom right box, what made you decide to join XYZ sorority?" Allow 5-10 minutes to draw and sign the papers. Share as a group or post them on one large bulletin board for everyone to see and enjoy. This is a great activity for a new member retreat. 
  • Deserted Island Game. Distribute a piece of paper and a pen to every member. Announce to everyone, "You’ve been exiled to a deserted island for a year. In addition to the essentials, you may take one piece of music, one book (which is not the Bible) and one luxury item you can carry with you. What would you take and why?" Give the sisters 5-10 minutes to answer the three questions and fold their paper in half. Collect them all and randomly distribute the pages to the group so they are reading someone else’s answers. Take turns reading them aloud and have everyone try to guess who wrote it by the answers. A fun way to share and get to know your new sisters better. 
  • Mask Making. This is a terrific activity for a chapter/new member retreat or a sisterhood social. Provide a piece of white card stock for each sister and a table of crafting supplies with things like markers, glue sticks, ribbon, scissors, popsicle sticks and lots of magazines. Ask each sister to cut out a full face shape with openings for eyes and mouth. Then instruct them to decorate their face cards on one side with what others see/know/believe about them from on the ‘outside.’ Then on the other side, decorate to represent what’s happening on the ‘inside’ that other people may not know about. Using markers and magazine pictures and text, some very interesting inside and out face cards can be created. When the collaging is completed, ask each sister to glue their mask to a popsicle stick. Then ask the group can mingle holding up their masks, discussing the designs and getting to know each other more deeply on the outside and the inside. 
  • One Minute Please. The goal of this game is to talk for one minute on a given subject. The leader announces a whacky topic and a member of the group is randomly selected to speak for one minute. Use a stopwatch/kitchen timer to monitor the time. Choose subjects to stimulate the imagination and provide funny stories. See how long each sister can ramble on before running out of things to say. One minute can seem like a long time when you’re not prepared. Subjects might include topics such as: best and worst boyfriend memories, 10 things you can do with potatoes, the art of alligator wrestling, little known facts about fraternities on campus, the worst TV shows ever, etc… Prepare plenty of fun questions ahead of time for very interesting sorority sister monologs. 

☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

For more ice breakers and bonding game ideas, visit the sorority sugar FAQ PAGE under the ‘Chapter Life’ section for a collection of links! 

Hello! So I am a senior in high school and have been wanting to be in a sorority for a while. I am not a legacy and I only know a few alumnae to write recs for me. I know a lot of active members, but many of the schools I am looking at don't take active recs. I am planning on applying to big SEC schools and wondered if you had any advice on finding people to write recs! Thank you!

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YES I just happen to have advice for finding rec letter writers when you don’t know women in every chapter. You will probably need alumnae letters only at an SEC school. I have tips on places to look for letter writers on my REC LETTER CONNECTION PAGE! You will want to start in your own hometown, your county and region to locate local women who will recommend you. Friends of friends, alumnae groups and panhellenic chapters are all great places to start. Please check out my page with helpful instructions and I know you will be able to round up most the letters you need. Also, depending on the campus, some large universities have programs to help PNMs with letters. So once you are admitted to college, you can explore that option too. xoxo ;)

I'm transferring to a university in the spring. Should I do spring rush or wait till fall? I don't want to wait but I know every chapter doesn't do spring recruitment so I don't want to miss out. Thanks so much!

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Before you make your final decision, I recommend you look into each chapter at your new college. Browse their websites, look at their social media and get a “feeling” for each one. You can tell which chapters appeal to you to most and which don’t in a general sense. Then cross-reference that information with the list of sororities who are recruiting in the spring. If many of the chapters that you like are participating, then go for rush in the spring. If your least favorite are not recruiting, then you won’t miss anything. As an older transfer student it would be preferable to join greek life sooner rather than later. 

I’m not saying you can tell everything about a chapter from their online presence, but from multiple sources you can paint a general picture. Let’s say the two chapters you are least interested in are not recruiting and everyone else is ~ happy day! Or reversely if only a couple of chapters are recruiting and you have zero interest in them ~ take a pass.

Another option is to give spring rush a try (no matter what) and decide once you meet everyone in person. You are under no obligation to join, if you participate, and then don’t make match. If you do your research and the odds look semi-favorable, then go for it in the spring. You have nothing to loose. Number one choice: don’t wait a year if possible! xoxo ;) 

I just got the schedule for rush and one night one it says Hall Night- skirt/shorts and nice shirt. I'm sure I'm just over thinking this, but would you say go for a skirt (like a navy J Crew City Mini) or shorts (nice chinos or Lilly shorts and flowy nice shirt)? Also what exactly is Hall Night? Thank you so much!

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You have the right idea about what to wear. What you described should be 100% on the mark. Any of the choices you listed would be terrific. Wear what you feel most attractive in. You can’t go wrong with either one of your options.

As for Hall Night ~ I don’t know exactly. Panhellenics across the country call their rounds different things. What they do during the rounds is similar, but the ‘titles’ vary. It could be skit night, the philanthropy round, or just a conversation event. It doesn’t matter as long as you follow the dress code. I know you will look very classy with your wardrobe. xoxo ;)

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Thank you SO much for being there from rush to bid day and beyond!!! I just accepted a bid from the wonderful Gamma Phi Beta and I couldn't be happier!!!!!

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Yay!!! CONGRATS and thank you for the compliments! Enjoy greek life to the moon and back…. xoxo  

Hi, I've just transferred to a new university and am really interested in joining Greek Life here, and since I'm a sophomore I'm eligible for fall informal rush. I don't really know anyone here yet, which is why I'm so interested in Greek Life. So, since I don't know anyone, would fall rush be a good idea? I would like to potentially join as soon as possible, but don't want to ruin my chances. Should I go for it or not?

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YES go for it! Since you are a sophomore transfer student the fall informal rush is meant for PNMs just like you. Recruitment is an excellent way to get to know the sisters. You don’t have to be aquatinted with greeks before rushing. The freshman who rushed in August at other schools, didn’t know anyone yet since classes hadn’t even started. Knowing people is not a prerequisite for a successful recruitment experience. 

Also, you aren’t getting any younger. Taking any opportunity to rush is a good idea. There is no reason to wait. If you really don’t click with any of the chapters this fall, then you can bow out and rush again in the spring or next fall, but try your best to make match now. It’s to your advantage to jump into greek life, make new friends and start your sorority journey. Fingers crossed that you will find your home sweet sorority home ASAP! xoxo ;)


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