sorority sugar

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  • DO you LUV sorority tanks? 
  • Do you LUV sorority tees?
  • Would you LUV to brush your hair with a sorority hairbrush? 

Then YOU need to enter the…… sorority sugar • The Greek Ink Press SUPERIOR SUGAR GIVEAWAY!!!!

☀ WIN: {3} pieces of stunning sorority swag in your choice of ANY greek letters, style and design!! {1} adorable tee shirt + {1} super cute tank top + {1} greek decal hairbrush!!!! AMAZINGLY CUTE SUGAR!


☀ Sweet on ΣΔT Sayings: 

  • Sig Delt State of Mind
  • Till DΣΔTh Do Us Part
  • Drafting the GrΣΔTest Since 1917
  • We Bring the HΣΔT
  • ΣΔT Your Heart Out
  • LovΣ ΔT First Sight 
  • She’s a Sig Delt Girl Livin’ In A Sig Delt World
  • Last Name EVER, First Name GrΣΔTest 
  • It’s Sweet to Be in SDT
  • Why Fit In, When You’re Born to ΣtanΔ OuT
  • Bow in the Presence of GrΣΔTness
  • LovΣ ΔT First Sight
  • You’ve Got a Friend in SDT
  • All I Need is My Sisters & a Good BeΣΔT

☀ from: Sayings By Chapter for the 26 NPC Sororities