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♡ sorority Q&A: what is sorority life all about? ♡

Q: Could you explain what exactly it means to be in a sorority or what sororities do? ~ 

A: The Sorority experience means so many different things! I’ll try to list my top picks for what being in a sorority is all about! 

♡ Sorority Membership Means: ♡

  • Having sisters who watch your back and stand by you through thick and thin.
  • Joining an organization with decades of history, traditions and meaningful rituals. 
  • Pledging to be a part of something larger than yourself. 
  • Learning to be less self-centered, put other other sister’s feelings first and grow more giving through the years. 
  • Volunteering and fundraising for a worthy philanthropy. Changing the world in your own small way. 
  • Stepping up to leadership and making a difference within your chapter and campus wide. 
  • Having the best social life ever within the greek community. 
  • Bonding, uniting, trusting and sharing with a unique sisterhood of close friends. 
  • Vowing loyalty to the creed of your lifelong chapter. 
  • Achieving the highest standards in academics with support from your chapter. 
  • Uniting with the Panhellenic and partnering with members from all different chapters.  
  • Developing patience, tolerance, adaptability, reliability, kindness and generosity. 
  • Becoming the ultimate team player.
  • Making promises, taking vows of secrecy and learning to respect the confidential rituals of your chapter. 
  • Participating in lots of meetings, projects, events, trips, games and chapter operations.
  • Living together in the sorority house ~ the ultimate sisterhood experience.  
  • Singing, chanting, clapping , recruiting, hugging, screaming, decorating, talking, crafting, networking, competing, winning.
  • Growing your chapter size, spreading your mission statement, promoting your organization on campus. 
  • Working towards group goals and reaching them.
  • Respecting everything your organization stands for.
  • Wearing costumes, attending fraternity parties, dressing for formals, playing pranks, listening to serenades, holding candlelights and proudly displaying your greek letters everywhere. 
  • Living the principles deeply imbedded in the fiber of your sorority. 
  • Having a lifelong group of sisters who provide personal connections long after college graduation.
  • Connecting with older members through your alumnae and advisor programs. 
  • Being super busy, very active and always on the go. Lots of responsibilities and requirements in greek life.
  • Wearing pretty fashions, dressing up, looking your best and being well groomed from head to toe. 
  • Supporting your organization through paying dues, purchasing chapter apparel, donating to fundraisers and more.
  • Displaying your sorority badge with pride and valuing what it stands for. 
  • Sacrificing for the good of the chapter, putting in extra hours, cleaning up after a big event, painting banners and lawn letters, staying up all night crafting, going the extra mile for your sorority when needed most.
  • Feeling a strong bond with the past, the present and the future of your sisterhood.  

♡ This list just begins to cover all the meaningful aspects of going greek! It’s a one of a kind experience. In the end, it’s best to RUSH and discover the fun & excitement for yourself! ♡

I'm in a special program at my school so that I have to do 2 years of undergrad then I'm going to graduate school. I chose not to rush my freshmen year because I was worried I wouldn't have a lot of time but I want to rush my sophomore year. do you think that me only being here for another year would hinder my chances?

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To be honest, being an “older” PNM and who will only be on campus for 1 more year, will probably have a negative effect on your chances. Chapters are looking for longterm commitment during the college years. That’s why many chapters prefer to pledge freshman. You might take a spot that a 4 year student could really use. So I’m certain some sororities will shy away from offering you a bid. 

That said, sometimes international students pledge sororities and they are only in the country for 1 year. Also, seniors join chapters with only 1 year left on campus. So you never know how things will come together in recruitment! If you were doing your graduate work at the same school, that would be helpful ~ but anything is possible in greek life. You never know until you try.

Enter into rush with a totally open mind and realistic expectations. You can give it your “all” because you have nothing to loose. You are leaving the next year anyway, so it’s make or break time. Give it 100% and see what happens. And since you are on an accelerated  academic program, make sure you have enough time for greek life your second year. If you were afraid of the commitment freshman year, your work load will most likely be increasing. Sorority membership requires a lot of time and attendance at mandatory events. Fingers crossed you can make a match and balance everything out! xoxo ;)

I'll be transferring to Florida in the fall and rushing. It will only be my second year of college but the school will view me as a junior. I'm probably going to pick up a minor and stay an extra semester or two. Will the fact that I have more credits than most "sophomores" affect my chances of getting a bid?

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However the university ‘places’ you will be the grade level you are considered during recruitment. I don’t know how you jumped from being a freshman to junior so quickly, but it would be to your advantage to be registered as a sophomore if you can. If you are attending for three more years anyway ~ maybe there’s a way to work this out with the registrars office prior to rush. If not, then you can tell each chapter your plan to attend college longer, but that is sometimes problematic. Don’t get so bogged down in explaining your grade level, that it becomes tedious. You don’t want to add confusion to your PNM possibilities, or seem like a difficult person.

Sophomores and juniors are both considered upperclassmen, so rush will be more challenging either way compared to the freshman. Do your best, keep it simple and straightforward, and have any grade level confusion worked out in advance. You want a clear and concise story that is all positive with no negative overtones. Don’t be a messy PNM who leaves a question mark in the minds of the sororities.

If things are not confirmed for an extra year on campus, it would be better to stick with the truth and rush as a no-fuss Junior ~ than try to mislead the chapters into considering you as a sophomore. It’s always better to go with the plain facts. Whatever your official grade level ends up being at the time of recruitment is what you should go with. xoxo ;)

Do you know anyone I can get a rec letter from for adpi or phi mu for fall of 2014?

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PLEASE check my sorority sugar Rec Letter Connection page for a LIST of members willing to write letters for PNMs. I also have tips on how to find actives and alums to write for you. Some panhellenics require only alumnae letters, so make sure you are approaching the right people. Other schools allow for active and alum letters to be submitted. Before you request letters, confirm that you have the sorority house addresses and instructions for where to mail letters (or electronically submit). You want to provide the active/alum with your PNM resume and the place to send the recommendation in one easy-to-complete request. 

• If you are an active or alum willing to write letters for FALL 2014 recruitment, you can submit your name to be added to the sorority sugar roster of letter writers. You may do this my messaging my ASK. Simply state which sorority you belong to/will write for. Your Tumblr address will be used for contacting. Email addresses can also be used. Thanks! 

I'll be rushing in the fall as sophomore. How should I act around the girls I already know in certain sororities during rush?

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SUPER friendly! It’s a plus to know sisters already when rushing as a sophomore. When you see them at the sorority house, wave, smile and say Hi! You want to be really friendly, bubbly and overjoyed to be there. When you talk with sisters, mention your chapter friendships. This will help to make connections within the sorority. For example, mention that you are in a study group with a sister, or you love taking a Zumba class with another sister. During recruitment, you don’t want to be shy about your network of friends. WHO you know is a benefit.

The sororities will see that you are coming through rush, so there is no reason to be cautious about who you know. Find as much in common as possible, highlight your positive relationships and use any personal references to your advantage! You are lucky to have some friends in the chapters and it can only help you in recruitment. xoxo ;)

How do you get into a sorority?

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You register for rush, you present your best self (like an important job interview) with each sorority, there is a mutual selection process throughout a week of conversations, and in the end, one chapter will offer you a “bid” to join their sisterhood. You are pledged to join for several months as you learn about greek life through your new member period. Finally, you are initiated as a full fledged member and you are a sister for life, unless you leave the organization. That’s it! xoxo ;)

Hey! I'm going through rush this fall. I'm going to college a year early, and I've been homeschooled since the middle of 9th grade. Because of this, I've grown apart from all of my old friends and really only have a select few that I only see from time to time. I'm afraid that the girls in the sororities will see through social media that I don't have very many friends and won't want me. My whole reason to go through rush is to meet new people & get involved. I am so nervous.

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I don’t think most sororities have time to count the number of friends on each PNM’s facebook page. Preparing for recruitment is so much work, I hope the sisters don’t dwell on each girl’s social media. I understand why you are concerned though and you want to look ‘normal.’ To make yourself feel better, I suggest you freshen up your social media this spring and summer with photos of you doing fun things, family outings, vacation pictures, and just beautiful photography. You don’t need 1,000 friends to have an attractive and interesting online personality. Make your facebook/instagram more about your creativity and interests than just a collection of contacts. 

Also, from now until next fall, ADD some new friends! Contact more family members, add people from your church, clubs and your neighborhood. You can probably increase your friend ‘count’ if you try. You should be getting out there this summer and volunteering, working a part time job, helping at summer camp, teaching kids to paint ~ anything that will get you in the swim of things. You will need these extra activities for recruitment. Contact several charities right now about volunteering and start making your plans to be really busy before you leave for college. Sports, youth groups, hobbies and instructional classes are more ways you can get active and make more friends. Home-schooled students need to make an extra effort to connect with the outside world. You still have time to increase your social interaction and improve your PNM resume! Get going… xoxo ;)

rush talk: PNM size concerns…

Q: I adore your blog and cannot wait to rush this upcoming fall! Rush is huge at my Southern school, and there are 11 Panhellenic sororities. Here’s my question: I am a little bit bigger than your average sorority girl I wear between a size 6/8 in dresses. I can wear small tops, but my thighs are a little bit bigger. I’m rather short at about 5’1 Some of my friends have told me that I won’t be able to get into the house I want to, Tri Delt, looking like this. Is this true? I am happy with the way I look, and really hope this doesn’t effect my sorority prospects. Thank you so much for your time!

A: Please put the size of your thighs out of your mind! And don’t listen to negative talk from so called friends. Just like my advice to another PNM earlier today, you must tune-out the unpleasant comments from friends who will only undermine your self confidence. Recruitment is all about being self-assured and outgoing. There are girls of all shapes, sizes and heights in every chapter. Sisters are looking for fun, lifelong friends, not skinny legs. And they don’t check the size labels in PNM dresses! 

Your mission is to be happy, relaxed and positive in order to make a sorority match. If you are doubtful or upset about how you look ~ you will give off a nervous vibe that will hinder you during recruitment. Be proud of who you are and give rush your BEST effort. That’s all any PNM can do.

One other tip ~ please don’t limit yourself to wanting only one house, in your case, Tri Delta. You can’t possibly know how you will feel once you meet all 11 chapters. Your preferences are SURE to change once rush starts. You can really get thrown off your game, if you have tunnel vision for your #1 choice, and then everything turns upside down after a few rounds. Please be totally open minded going into such a intense situation. Anything can happen and it usually doesn’t turn out as you expect. xoxo ;)

When and if I rush I will be 21/22 and a freshman with a prior AA. I'll have also just finished four years active duty in the Marine Corps... I know this is a very unique situation so my question is do you think I'll have trouble getting a bid? I grew up wanting to be in a sorority and through my enlistment that desire has grown. I'd love to be a part of a sorority but the closer it gets the more nervous I am that I won't be accepted.

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With your interesting background and unique life experiences, you are sure to stand out as a PNM during recruitment! You have just as much opportunity as any other ‘older’ PNM. And since you’ve been in the military, I would think that facing a challenge would not deter you from your goal of going greek. There are no ‘sure bets’ during rush, but if fear stops you from trying new things, then you will end up just sitting in your room. That does not sound like a Marine Corp attitude! 

Guaranteed outcomes do not exist, but positive, enthusiastic people reach for the life experiences they want anyway. You set your objective, prepare to the best of your ability and give sorority recruitment a 100% effort. I believe with your maturity, you can appeal to chapters who are looking for reliable, dependable leaders in their pledge class. Your proven track record is a real benefit to balance out the inexperienced freshman new members. xoxo ;)

FIY: There is also a military sorority you should check out. It caters especially to women who have served in the armed forces. I’m not sure if they have a chapter in your area, but I thought I would mention it. Here is the link to the Kappa Epsilon Psi website:


i plan on rushing as a sophomore in the fall at a big midwest school. however, i was talking about it with one of my friends who also plans on going through recruitment as a sophomore and another friend thats already in a sorority here. later when we were alone, my friend in the sorority said to me "i can't believe you're rushing, its weird for sophomores to rush." it was really discouraging and now I'm debating whether or not to go through recruitment at all. help?? :(

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If you let one negative friend derail you from trying sorority recruitment, then you must not want to go greek that badly! It’s just not true what she said about it being weird for a sophomore to rush. Sophomores and juniors rush all the time. Many PNMs transfer schools, change their minds after freshman year and some are giving it a second try after a disappointing experience the first time around. There are lots of reasons why ‘older’ girls give recruitment a try. And it’s an excellent way for the sororities to have a healthy age mix in their chapters, fill membership gaps and keep their chapters growing. 

It is true that the majority of students rush as freshman. That’s a fact. But not every single PNM enters greek life at that time. Things happen. Upperclassmen are welcome and encouraged to give sorority life consideration. The chapters are prepared to evaluate sophomores and they have a plan for including them in their membership rosters. Please don’t let one uniformed friend and her hurtful comment stop you from your greek journey! She is being narrow minded and nasty. Tune her out, put a big smile on your face and participate in recruitment as any other PNM would. Your positive attitude, charming personality and loving heart will surely lead you to a wonderful sorority match. xoxo ;)