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As you can guess the sorority sugar ASK is still overflowing! I thank everyone for writing, and I do my best to answer as many questions as possible. I cannot get to them all and some subjects are repeated, but I appreciate everything that PNMs and sisters are going through right now with formal recruitment. I wish everyone the very, very BEST!

Here are some quick Recruitment Q&As that will hopefully be helpful to many PNMs ~

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Q: Right now I am at a community college and I don’t think I will have my AA completed in time to transfer for fall semester like I had planned. Right now it looks like I’ll transfer either the spring or fall of 2016. I’m worried it will be too late for me to rush then. I would be 21 going on 22 that fall. Do you think I will be to old? I’m confidant that I could get a long with people younger than me, but I’m worried I wouldn’t be accepted. 

A: I get "Am I too old to rush?" questions about once a week. Being in your early twenties is NOT too old! Girls even older than that have gone greek. Grad students sometimes pledge. It’s all about your attitude and how well you fit in with the pledge class as a whole. Joining may be more challenging, but transfer students and older PNMs are offered bids every year in fabulous chapters. No worries!

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Q: So I’m pretty unclear about how rush week works. There is a basic schedule: orientation, round robin, sisterhood night, philanthropy night, preference night and bid day. What do all these mean and what do you wear to each?

A: Everything will become clear once you participate in recruitment. First all the PNMs are given an overview of the week at Orientation. Then the PNMs visit ALL of the sorority houses. Following that, the chapters spotlight their sisterhood during the next round. On philanthropy day they will explain everything about their special charity. Pref Night is when the sororities hold serious ceremonies for the PNMs they want as sisters. On bid day, the PNMs open their bid envelopes to find out which chapter invited them to join. The fashions go from casual to very dressy. Please visit the sorority sugar Recruitment Style Guide for a basic outline of what to wear! 

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Q: i’m going to be a freshman at a large university in the fall, but we have deferred recruitment and don’t rush until January. When should I send in, or have the writers send in, the letters of recommendation I have secured over the summer? Some of the chapter’s websites say asap during fall semester, and others don’t specify. Obviously I know they should be turned in before January, but how soon is too soon? I don’t want it to be forgotten about because the chapter is busy and isn’t preparing for recruitment yet in the fall. So when’s the best time to send my rec letters so they won’t be tossed in a pile and forgotten about? 

A: First of all, the rec letters should be mailed or electronically submitted directly from the letter writer to her corresponding chapter on your campus. Once fall semester starts, hopefully your Panhellenic will publish a Recruitment Guide with ALL the information you need. There should be a master list of chapters, with contact names and addresses (or other submission instructions.) The best time for your letters to be mailed/sent is before the winter break. Probably in October or November. That gives time for the letters to be considered, but not too far in advance. The final deadline may be in December. Look for specific instructions to come from your Panhellenic in the late fall. 

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Q: I’m a sophomore nursing major, and people keep telling me that I can’t be in greek life and nursing at the same time. I know I can do both, I’m just not sure how.

A: PNMs with challenging majors, athletes and others with really active schedules find ways to make it work! But it does take some strategic planning and careful time management. There are mandatory requirements in a sorority. So you want to be open and honest when you’re rushing. You need a chapter which is flexible and will accommodate your special schedule. Some PNMs with demanding obligations choose to not go greek. Their sports team, or girls in their major, become their “friend network.” It all depends on how energetic and dedicated you are. And joining an understanding chapter also helps. 

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Q: I am a bigger girl, and I am nervous about what I should wear during recruitment. Most of the time when I wear a dress or a skirt, I always match it with a cardigan. Although, I am trying to find a nice dress with at least quarter sleeves. Do you have some tips for the bigger girls going through recruitment?

A: I say, wear whatever YOU are most comfortable in! What counts is that you feel confident and attractive. If a lightweight cardi over a sleeveless sundress suits you, it will look totally appropriate. Dresses with sleeves are very acceptable too. Not everyone wears tank tops and sundresses with spaghetti straps ~ no matter what their weight. It’s Ok to wear your most flattering styles each round. Pick fashions in lightweight fabrics so you stay cool, even with some sleeves. As long as you go from casual to dressy during the week, you will be looking A+.

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Q: What if I forgot to put that I’m a legacy to a certain sorority on my registration form because I didn’t know at the time, but I had that member of my family send a recommendation letter including the information that I am in fact a legacy? Is that a super bad mistake or will they still accept the information?

A: However the legacy information gets to the sorority is Ok. They should read your family member letter and make note of your legacy. These things happen, but now the chapter should be aware. You can also bring it up in conversation during recruitment. When asked about why you are rushing, you can say "My grandmother was an XYZ sister and she always spoke so highly of her sorority. I am thrilled to be rushing her organization here at ABC University." 

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Q: I’m going to a smaller school, and I was wondering if it was against any rules to be in an NPC sorority and a service sorority? Or do you have to choose between the two?

A: Yes, you can have dual membership in a service or special interest sorority and a NPC chapter. It’s time consuming, but possible. You just can’t be in 2 NPC chapters. Once an initiated NPC sister that’s IT for the council of 26.  

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rush talk: needing general reference letters….

Q: I’m planning on rushing this Fall at a smaller school. On the registration page it asks for 3 personal references. Should that be 3 older adults that I know, or girls/friends my age? — a-semi-charmed-kind-of-life

A: For any referral it’s always better to go with adults ~ if possible! For your small school, “personal references” sounds different than individual chapter rec letters that we talk about so much on sorority sugar. But all recommendations are better from grown women who have known you for awhile. They just have more impact and garner more respect, than letters from girls your own age. 
If you can find nice woman who will write your referrals, and who were also in college sororities, that would be the ultimate ideal. For example a favorite teachers, long time family friends, neighbors, church leaders, community and business associates, aunts, grandmothers, coaches, etc… If they are also sorority alums, they can relate to you participating in recruitment. If you don’t know any greek alums, it’s sound like your letter writers don’t have to be greek. It would just be an added benefit if they were. Your letters are more like college application recommendations, which is totally fine. Do your best to find impressive adult women to write your letters and you will be in an excellent spot moving forward. xoxo ;)

So the minimum GPA requirement for my dream sorority is 2.50 and I have a 2.492, I've talked to the recruitment chair and they said it's possible for them to overlook it and still give me a bid, but it's not guaranteed. This has left me extremely nervous and I was wondering how likely/often sororities do that?

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It depends on the PNM competition this year, the standards set by the chapter and how flexible the sorority is allowed to be. They must answer to their national organization and every sorority has their own cut-off point for PNM GPAs. There has to be a line somewhere to make membership selections. 2.5 is the NPC minimum standard across the country. Many chapters have higher requirements. So if you squeak by with lower than 2.5 you are doing great. 

Keep in mind, you also have to maintain a certain GPA once you pledge a sorority. So it’s just the beginning of meeting academic standards. Membership requires that you excel in the scholarship department. You don’t want to get in over your head with a sorority that puts too much pressure on you. Hopefully you will find a match in both the sisters and also the level of academic intensity! xoxo ;)

Hi, for the "additional information" section in Panhellenic registration, do you recommend putting something there or does it not make a difference? If yes, what do you recommend putting if you've already shared your activities, etc.?

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The additional information section is a good spot for spotlighting unique things about yourself that don’t neatly fit into the other categories. You can share experiences, talents, adventures, hobbies and other information outside your school and community facts. It’s also a place to put any special needs or limitations that you have, like dealing with a chronic illness/medication during rush, or the fact that you are in a wheel chair. 

If you don’t have any additional things to share, don’t worry about it. It’s just extra space on the form for those who need it. But if you took a trip abroad, have an unusual family experience, collect something really quirky, your uncle is the state governor, or other “unusual” things ~ go ahead and share! Facts that define you and make you stand out in the crowd are very helpful. 

You might say something like this….. "Final facts about me ~ I once spent a summer in Scotland researching my family genealogy, I’m a triplet, I collect vintage salt & pepper shakers, I’m fluent in German and both of my grandmothers lived to be 100." Those are things that might not have fit into other sections on your registration, but are still interesting details about who you are as a person. xoxo ;)

rush talk: how to do participate in COB?

Q: How exactly does one acquire a continuous open bid?  Ive heard of two way- 1) basically just find different ways to hang out with them or 2) attend their open bid events by invitation only. Thanks!

A: There are different ways in which sororities handle COBs. You will need to check the methods on your specific campus. As you describe, sometimes sororities recruit by just inviting friends over to hang out and meet the sisters in a very informal way. Other times there are organized socials like a pizza party or bowling night where PNMs attend and get to know the members. A program of several parties, one or two invitation only events and then offering of bids is usually called Informal Recruitment. Several chapters may hold these events during the same time period. Informal Rush is held on the alternate semester from formal rush. COB is more of an ongoing recruitment process where PNMs can join throughout the year. 

Keep in mind that both COB and Informal Recruitment is held ONLY by chapters with openings. The chapters which filled and held their membership quotas during formal recruitment will not be participating in more recruitment events durning the year. So if you have your eye on a certain chapter, they must have a need for more members, in order for you to pledge COB/informally. But if a chapter you really love has an informal way to join, it’s a great way to pledge! It’s especially nice for older PNMs and transfer students. No matter the style of joining, the bid is what counts! xoxo ;)

How does Panhellenic guarantee a bid? I'm current rushing and just don't see how they can "guarantee" a bid. Do they speak to the chapters? I'm so confused how this can be. I also wanted to quickly thank you for all the advice and encouragement you have provided! This recruitment is so much better than last year when I was a freshman and I think this blog definitely has something to do with it.

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It’s a numbers game. By the time the chapters get to Preference Night, there is a specific number of PNMS still participating in rush. There are a certain number of chapters, with a set number of membership openings. When the number of remaining PNMs is matched against the openings in 16 chapters on Pref Night, presumably there is a “space” for everyone still in the system. Then it’s a matter of slotting them into all the openings. The matchmaking is done on computer by cross-referencing all the chapter A Lists with the PNM #1 rankings and on down the line. 

Not all panhellenic’s say after Pref Night each PNM will get a bid. There is one campus I know of, because a friend just went through formal recruitment there last spring. But the system is similar on many campuses. The PNM numbers at Preference basically match the number of available memberships. That doesn’t mean every PNM gets her first choice, it just means there are opportunities for most PNMs to pledge a sorority at the very end of rush week. xoxo :)

I've been rushing this week and i talked to a girl last night, today she saw me walk in and came to find me to say hey. I should take this as a good sign right?

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That is a good sign, but don’t read too much into it. Sisters are suppose to greet PNMs and remember them from past rounds. It’s part of the process. But it is a positive sign that the sisters recognize your face and are noticing you amongst all the PNMs. You never know what will happen in recruitment, so keep a level head. But at the same time you can be encouraged and continue doing a great job! GOOOOD LUCK! xoxo ;)

20 PNM practice questions to prepare for recruitment!

sorority sugar has several posts with questions for PNM and sisters to ask each other. But here are some more simple questions for PNMs to use in practicing their small talk skills. Have a friend or family member play the part the sorority member, while you answer the questions creatively. Get used to chatting freely about yourself and expressing your personality in an interesting way. 

♔ 20 Quick & Easy PNM Practice Questions: ♔

1. How do you measure success in life?
2. What three things do you hope to accomplish during your years in a sorority?
3. What is the most important part of sorority membership for you?
4. What makes your heart sing?
5. What do you admire most about your family?
6. What advice would you give another PNM?
7. Why do you want to go greek?
8. What is your happiest memory?
9. How are you different from the other PNMs?
10. How did you prepare for recruitment?
11. If you could do one thing over in high school, what would it be?
12. What makes you sad?
13. How do you cheer up a friend?
14. Describe your best friend.
15. What topic are you an expert on?
16. What makes you nervous and how do you handle it?
17. What do you see when you look in the mirror?
18. What one thing would you change about yourself or your life?
19. How do you know if you are respected by your peers?
20. What will you never do?

♔ For LINKS to more recruitment questions, please visit the sorority sugar FAQ PAGE! xoxo ;)

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What are some appropriate answers when asked why do you want to go Greek/join this chapter when rushing? Also what kinds of things should you say when asked to tell them about yourself--what should that include?

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"Honesty with a positive spin" is the best way to go! Meaning you should stick to the truth and be authentic ~ yet you don’t need to drag up every difficulty in your past for the sake of total honesty. There is such a thing as PNM TMI. When asked about why you are rushing you don’t need to go on and on about your first failed attempt, your family’s financial problems, your crazy aunt who bribed you to rush, your doubts and fears, etc… etc….! Instead, you can say, "I’ve heard so many fabulous things about greek life at XYZ University and I can’t wait to find my new sorority home. Everyone is so friendly. I am really excited to be here!"

The same holds true for sharing personal information. Avoid telling sororities about the time you missed the winning goal, the school club you dropped out of and the year you struggled in chemistry class. Instead share how proud you felt when your team won the championship, the time you were club president and how you enjoyed French class so much, you plan to live in Paris one day. You can be selective about your own personal details. Just like college admissions and job interviews ~ accentuate the positive. 

I recommend reviewing and practicing your own personal “story.” Be ready with your own background of accomplishments, so you don’t stammer and go blank. Think about what you like and don’t like. Sisters will hopefully ask you more pointed questions, instead of just “Tell me everything about yourself.” If you prepare ahead of time, you will shine!

❀ These are some things to decide on before your recruitment conversations:

  • Your opinion on sororities and going greek.
  • How you feel to be going through rush. 
  • Your top 3-5 accomplishments in high school.
  • Your proudest moments.
  • Your role models.
  • What makes you warm and friendly.
  • How you want to make the sisters feel.
  • Details of your volunteering and leadership with specifics, such as "I raised $2,000 for Save Our Beaches and I was Historian of the Girls League."  Instead of, "I like to volunteer and keep busy." 
  • How you are going to handle questions. Ask your mom or sister to role play some Q&As with you. Have them ask you standard questions and practice turning them into interesting shares about yourself. For example, if you are asked "What’s your favorite color?" Work your answer into one of your personal passions. Your reply could be, "I love the color pink and happily I have been involved with the Pink Ribbon cancer campaign for three years, which means so much to me.”
  • A few endearing funny stories about yourself. Rush conversations should be light and humorous too. 
  • Your major and course of study.
  • Your future goals. 
  • Practice conversing in complete sentences. A lost art these days.
  • Ways to reflect who you really are. 

❀ For examples of PNM and sister questions for recruitment, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page! xoxo ;)

Hi SS! I recently went through recruitment at Alabama as a sophomore. Sadly, I did not have a connection with any of the houses I attended on pref night and decided to drop. Should I try again this spring? I really want to be in a sorority, but I'm not sure I can take another disappointment. My greek friends all really want me to try again, but I am not convinced.

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I am so sorry you did not find a connection on Pref Night. And I’m sorry you decided to drop out. Many chapters take time to grow on you. It takes time to meet all the sisters in a large chapter and get the full picture of their sisterhood. But now that rush is over, where do you go from here?

I think it’s too soon to make a decision for next spring. Give your emotions time to calm down. Recruitment is very stressful, and you need time to relax and reflect. How you feel about going greek may be different in 5 months. Coming off a disappointing event is not the best time to commit to going through rush again. I’m sure it sounds absolutely awful right now! 

You may make lots of non-greek friends this fall semester, and you won’t ever have a desire to join a sorority. Or, you may develop a renewed interest in sororities and give rush another try. Let your experiences in the next few months determine what you do next.

If you do rush again, please give the chapters who WANT you to pledge, more of chance! There are many terrific sisterhoods at UA, so you almost can’t go wrong with any of them. Open your heart and your mind to the possibilities. I hope spring recruitment works out and you can find a greek home away from home in 2015! xoxo :)