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Hello! I love your blog; as an aspirant to Greek life (I plan to rush as a Sophmore next fall) your blog has been so lovely and helpful! My university has Partially Structured Recruitment, could you tell me what that means exactly and how I could prepare for it? Thank you! <3

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That sounds like a form of “informal” recruitment, which will be semi-organized by the participating chapters, but not as fully structured as a panhellenic formal recruitment. The PNMs may attend events on their own and not tour around in groups for example. I can’t speak for the exact plan at your university, but it will most likely be less systemized and have less ‘razzle dazzle.’

Also, as a PNM you may need to take more initiative and be responsible for attending events on your own. So make sure you pay attention to all the rush announcements and schedules. The first few parties will be open to everyone. leading up to one or two invitation only rounds. Just be on your toes and follow instructions. 

No matter what the style of recruitment, a PNM should always be in top form. Much of the preparation has already taken place with your activities in high school and your first year of college. Since you’ve been on campus already, take advantage of the sorority connections you already have. When you see girls you know at the different chapters, make sure you are warm and friendly. Networking is vital for older PNMs. Be enthusiastic, inquisitive, charming, friendly and outgoing. By letting the brightest side of your personality shine, you should have no trouble making a fabulous sorority match. Smile and enjoy the process! xoxo ;)

Hi! I'm a highschool student interested in rushing in a few years. I've seen pictures of new members of sororities and they seem to instantly become friends with their older sisters of their new sorority. How does a pledge begin make friends with their sisters or girls of their pledge class? Thanks! :)

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The BEST part of sorority membership is all the organization! This is especially nice for freshman, because greek life offers a very structured way to make friends. You don’t have to fend for yourself. There will be so many meetings, meals, activities, socials, retreats and sisterhood events, that you can’t help but bond with your new sisters. Your pledge class will do a lot together, you will be matched with a big sister and get to know your new family tree, there will be tons of fraternity parties, volunteering, fundraising, sporting events, etc… In fact there is so much happening in the greek community, most girls find it to be practically overwhleming. You will need to pace yourself. 

When you first join a chapter the sisters will all congratulate you on facebook, you will start being invited out, the meetings and parties start right away and you are instantly launched into the greek social swirl. It’s fun, exciting and never a dull moment. Making friends is one of the easiest parts of joining a sorority. Keeping those friendships on an even keel is the hard part! xoxo ;)

So I'm graduating high school in May and rushing in the fall. In high school, I did this program called dual enrollment which allowed me to take college classes at a college so I'll already have a bunch of credits and a college GPA before rush even starts. Will they classify me as a sophomore even though I'm rushing as a first year in college student? And will they look at my high school or college GPA or both? My college GPA is 3.4/3.5 (HS 4.1) are these considered "solid GPA's" to rush with?

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For recruitment you will be classified as the college views you. If you enter as a freshman according to the university, then you will rush as a freshman as well. Sororities will go by whatever your official college grade level is. They will consider ALL of your academics and combined GPAs. The same goes for transfer students who have a mixed bag of grades from different sources. PNMs should share their all of their academic achievements on their recruitment applications. 

Your specific GPA is rock solid and well above the minimum for recruitment. You will have no troubles in that department! xoxo ;)

Hi I'm going into college as a freshman next year and rushing, I'm confused on how letters of rec work? My mom was a KD and the school I'm going to has a chapter, should she write a letter of rec even if my school isn't that competitive for rush, and should she send it to all sororities or just KD? And where does she send them-help!!

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First of all, you are a legacy of KD since your mom was a member. You will want to highlight this on your recruitment application. It stands out as a special distinction above and beyond any rec letter writing. She can also write a recommendation letter, but your legacy status will already be established. 

To answer your other questions, here is how rec letters work overall: 

  • An alum/active writes ONLY to her chapter counterpart on your university campus. Letters are not shared amongst chapters. They only go from member to the specific sorority chapter. Some submit letters electronically online and others are mailed. For example, KDs only write to KD and DZs only write to DZ.
  • The Panhellenic Council should publish a Recruitment Handbook, or some sort of guide, which will include the contact names and mailing addresses for all the sorority houses accepting letters. After the PNM are registered and the chapters are organized to receive the letters, this information will be announced. Then the process can begin.

Keep your eye out for recruitment information and announcements. If you don’t see rec letter details, you can contact the panhellenic organizers and ask about it. Possibly your school doesn’t even require letters, not all colleges do. And be patient, it’s still a little early for everything to be in place for fall rush. xoxo ;)

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I'm a senior in high school and I'm really interested in rushing a sorority next year. Recently I've been looking at Panhellenic sororities at my university. From the pictures on there websites there don't seem to be any African American people in these groups at my college. I was just wondering if this common in all Panhellenic sororities and if it would be a problem for me to get a bid from them? I would love to be apart of a sorority and am hoping they will have me!

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ALL ethic groups, religions, nationalities, shapes & sizes of PNMs are welcome to NPC sorority recruitment with open arms. Making a match is about being compatible in personality, lifestyle, attitude, interests, academics and social life ~ not about skin color. Maybe there isn’t a large number of African American girls in the chapters you’re looking at, but unless you’ve seen every photo, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that there are some black members. If you have not seen the entire sisterhood, you can’t know for sure. In my experience with viewing hundreds of sororities around the country, there is almost always a mix of skin colors. 

Some areas of the country have more members of one ethic group than another. For example in Southern California some sororities have more Asian members and other chapters have more Hispanic members. The region where you are attending college does have an influence on the racial mix on campus. Greek life reflects the population at the university. 

You might also check out the traditional African American sororities called the Divine Nine. They have a long and distinguished history of providing a wonderful sorority experience for many PNMs. Service and special interest sororities are even more options for you to look at. There are so many possibilities when it comes to finding a home in greek life. Let your heart lead you to where you feel the most welcomed and where you fit the best! If you click with a sisterhood they will not be concerned with your color! xoxo ;)

Is there a difference in membership between the formal fall recruitment and the informal spring recruitment?

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A LOT - A LOT! Formal recruitment is organized into rounds, all the sororities participate and the greatest number of PNMs participate. There are lots of fancy decorations, fancy fashions and many special traditions, pomp and circumstance. The pledge classes are the largest and it’s the BIG recruitment event of the year. 

On the alternate semester, some chapters (but not all) participate in informal requirement by hosting several casual social events where they get to know PNMs for possible membership. The new member classes are smaller and the entire process much simpler. The size can range from just two or three girls joining, to a medium sized pledge class. Informal rush is a way for chapters to complete their membership quotas and for PNMs to join during the ‘other’ semester. For a PNM it’s still an excellent way to join greek life. xoxo ;)

I was really upset that I couldn't go through recruitment this spring with my friends due to some unexpected financial issues. But, I'm working full time this summer and I want to join a sorority next semester. I have a lot of friends in AGD and they've put me in for COB in the fall. What should I expect and how can I make the most out of a different rush experience than the other girls in the sorority? Will I have to wait for some of the big/little and other PNM traditions until the spring?

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Usually there are some casual events scheduled with COB, such as a tea party, or hamburger BBQ, which you will attend and chat with the sisters. After a few relaxed socials, you will be invited back and hopefully offered a bid. Typically more than one pledge will be accepted during an informal recruitment. At least a hand full of other PNMs will probably join with you in the fall. Chapters normally take in several new members on the ‘alternate’ semester from formal recruitment. After you pledge, you will still get a big sister and participate in new member education. You will also need to complete all the chapter requirements to be initiated. 

Even if rituals are smaller in size, or less formal, you will still get the full sorority experience. It will just be on a simpler scale. I can’t speak for every chapter’s policies, but I believe everything will happen during your first semester, and the sorority won’t make you wait until spring. You can always ask your friends how their AGD chapter handles it. Typically if a few PNMs join together, they will go through all the traditions as a “smaller” pledge class. If you are the only girl who pledges then I am sure AGD has a plan to make it special for you! xoxo ;)

I'm really interested in joining a sorority. I've taken 2yrs off since HS to figure out what I want. I've maintained a consistent job for the past 6yrs at a local bar/restaurant & had a brief internship. I really dont have any other extra curricular or sports I was a part of & my grades weren't the best but I've found belief & motivation in myself for future progress in both. I'm just worried I'll have nothing to show for those things when it comes to rushing or if I even need to worry about it.

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Your job experience and internship are both excellent things to highlight in your recruitment application. It’s not so much what you’ve been doing, but that you’ve been busy doing something. Greeks are energetic, involved people and if you express your determination and reliability ~ you are just what a chapter is looking for! They want PNMs who are going to “stick with it.” You have shown how loyal you can be through all the years at your job. And your interesting experiences in the work force give you lots to talk about during recruitment rounds. Your unique past will help you stand out in the crowd of other students.

Even though it’s been a few years, you can still mention some of your sports or interests from high school too. You never know when you will strike up a conversation with a sister who was also on the volleyball team, or chaired the prom committee just like you. You don’t have to be currently involved to mention a few highlights from your high school days. Congrats for being disciplined since graduation and I am happy you are finding your way to college now. Good luck with sorority rush. xoxo ;)

I'll be attending college on hefty financial aid. Will sororities know this when I am a PNM? (I.e will be they take into account that I may need some sort of fee waivers with the dues-though this isn't for certain)

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Most sororities do not waive their fees! Collecting dues from members is how they fund chapter operations ~ just like many other organizations and clubs. Some chapters may offer financial assistance, but that is not the norm. Please don’t go into recruitment thinking you will not have to pay dues. Dues are the lifeblood of the greek system and how the entire system operates.

Costs can vary, so please research your campus a head of time. Financial stats should be published in the Recruitment Handbook and/or detailed online. Ask your Panhellenic Council about it if needed. I just want to make sure you go into recruitment with your eyes wide open and you feel comfortable with the required expenses. xoxo ;)

Hey! I am considering rushing next fall. I have two friends in two separate sororities at my university, so I am comfortable asking them questions regarding due amounts. One I can afford and the other is almost $1500 more a semester. Since there is such a big range I am afraid that when I go to recruitment I will get a bid for a sorority I just can't afford and have to quit. Is it rude for me to email the individual chapters at my future school and ask about dues now? Thanks :)

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In your future Recruitment Handbook there will probably be a section on dues. Or the subject will come up at a PNM orientation. There are ways to get more information without being a pesky PNM. I recommend you be a bit stealth in your research, instead of emailing and asking each chapter. 

Also it sounds like you already have a general idea of the price range for at least two sororities. You may not know the dollars and cents “to the penny” before recruitment, but from your sorority friends, you can get a good idea of the range. Then you need to determine if you can afford that “range.” It would be extremely difficult to pick and choose chapters during the heat of rush week based on a few hundreds dollars one way or the other. I think you must be comfortable with the average dues in a broad sense. Then you can beware the very highest priced chapter, if that issue presents itself. 

In order for you to make a sorority match based on sisterhood, personality and compatibility, the financial issues need to be resolved in your head. Then you can relax and let the rest of recruitment work its magic. You will be a tense and stressed out PNM if you are worrying about money instead of how sweet the sisters are in each chapter. Find out what you need to in advance and then relax when recruitment comes. xoxo ;)