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Why are paddles such a big thing in sororities? Is there some meaning to it that I'm missing? Xx

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They are completely unique to the greeks, and that makes them extra special to sororities and fraternities. They are decorated with greek crests, symbols, mascots, names and letters to represent the special bond between bigs and littles. Both greek guys and girls exchange them. Since the only way you can receive one is by being greek ~ it makes paddles and plaques a treasured keepsake for sisters and brothers. It’s another outward symbol of what the organization stands for. 

Today some chapters prefer to exchange plaques, pillows, lap boards boxes and other objects instead of the traditional paddles, but the sentiment behind the gift is the same. They are a representation of sisterly/brotherly respect, love and the close bonds between big/little. xoxo ;)

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SS: How did you come to start PADDLE TRAMPS and why did you choose to sell Greek merchandise?

PT: We wanted to help sorority and fraternity new members honor and thank their big sisters and big brothers in a classy and tangible manner. We’re passionate about Greek life and wanted to maintain the long-standing paddle tradition but with a “non-hazing” twist. At the time we started our business in 1961, no one was manufacturing wooden letters and non-hazing paddles. We saw an unfulfilled need, and here we are…53 years later!

SS: Can you tell me more about Paddle Tramps?

PT: Paddle Tramps is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of decorative wood products. Our company is the country’s largest manufacturer of fraternity and sorority paddles and all operations are all based in Lubbock, Texas. We are the original designer and manufacturer of the miniature decorative wooden letters which can be found in many craft and college stores today. These attractive wooden letters are the company’s chief product! The wooden letters come in several sizes and are used to personalize the various wooden gift items that Paddle Tramps makes. 

All of Paddle Tramps’ products are made from the highest-quality hardwoods — primarily white oak and walnut. All products are pre-finished with a clear oil finish that enhances the natural color and grain of the wood.

SS: What makes your wood products stand out in the crowded sorority marketplace?

PT: We are one of only a few companies who manufacture wooden sorority paddles and letters. And, not only are we the original company, but we believe we have the highest quality and most creative designs in wooden sorority products!


SS: What’s your favorite style or design?

PT: We would describe our products are “traditional with a modern and creative twist.” And we love ALL of our styles equally! 

SS: What’s the funniest or craziest thing that’s ever happened at Paddle Tramps?

PT: We work in an old three-story building with lots of nooks, crannies and hiding places. Our employees take great delight in finding new ways to jump out and scare each other!

SS: Does your company have any philanthropy involvement?

PT: The main way we like to give back is in the form of scholarships we provide each semester to Texas Tech students. We also support United Way and participate in many local philanthropy events throughout the year.


SS: Do you have any exciting new plans or new products on the horizon for 2015?

PT: As many creative minds as we have, we are always coming up with new product ideas and ways to evolve with the times. One thing that has really grown in the recent past is our line of symbol plaques, which are large cutouts of the symbols — Anchors, Teddy Bears, Lions, etc. — that can be decorated with our wooden letters, symbols, sorority crests, and accessories.

Symbol plaques are perfect for chapters preferring not to use traditional paddle shapes. We expect the symbol plaques to continue to grow in popularity because they are just so cute and look awesome hanging on the wall of a dorm room or apartment!


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