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I'm in a long distance relationship and I plan on rushing in the fall... Will being in a long distance relationship get in the way of sorority events? Will I be able to go to all of them if I don't have a date from my school?

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Some greek events will call for a date. Many girls who have long distant boyfriends attend these socials with guy “friends,” (or possibly with some sisters.) You would hate to miss all the fun, because a boyfriend is far away. Maybe he can fly in for your sorority formal, and you go to the casual parties with male or female friends. Greek life is pretty relaxed and other greeks are always needing “dates” for events. Just going with someone, doesn’t mean an exclusive dating relationship. It’s more about having a buddy to attend co-ed socials with. It’s almost unavoidable. 

Fraternity members are always needing dates and visa versa. When you belong to a social sorority, this will come up. You may want to have an agreement with your serious boyfriend, that while you’re in college, you will attend some greek events with male acquaintances occasionally. If there is trust on both sides, this should be acceptable.

There is a big difference between hooking up with dozens of bros, and partnering with a nice male friend to enjoy a semi-formal dance. Find the right balance and you can still enjoy the good times. xoxo ;)

✿❀ inexpensive recruitment centerpiece ideas! ✿❀

Q: Do you have an ideas or inspiration for centerpieces for recruitment that are cheap but cute?

A: YES! I love DIY party decorating, especially on the “cheap.” It’s fun to create something super cute out of ordinary materials. Color coordinate the centerpieces to your themes for your early rounds, preference night and bid day party. With some smart shopping and crafting, you can create super attractive decor and impress your PNMs!

✿❀ Creating Cute DIY Centerpieces on a Budget! ✿❀

 CHEAP CONTAINER IDEAS: The expense of fancy vases can be avoided by using creative alternatives. Save even more money by purchasing containers and supplies in BULK, or at wholesale prices whenever possible. Check glassware outlets, box bulk buying, garden supply centers, discount paper stores, floral supply companies, etc… One of my favorite resources for many kinds of bulk supplies is Paper Mart. (They even sell mason jars by the case.)

If you are using flowers in your centerpiece go with the cheaper blooms. Carnations, wild flowers, gerber daisies, baby’s breath and regular daisies are all less expensive options. Save the more expensive roses for accents and ceremonies.  

  • Clay Pots. The humble clay pot can be spray painted, wrapped with fabric, tied with ribbon, decorated with designs and more. They are an ideal centerpiece vessel. 


  • Glass Jars. Mason jars are a very popular choice for centerpieces. If they are too expensive, substitute standard glass jars, or bottles. “Regular” bottles can be spray painted or glittered to give them a more glamorous look. Plain jars can also be filled with candy, fruit, sprinkles, or paper crinkles to jazz them up.


  • Gift Boxes. Super cheap plain boxes can be wrapped to look adorable as centerpiece containers. Or, wrap them in your theme and stack as “the” centerpiece. When using a light box as a container, they must be weighted down with sand or pebbles to balance the display above. 


  • Bags. Paper bags are terrific cheap centerpiece containers. Bag “looks” can range from a country rustic, to chic, depending on your theme. Like boxes, if you are using a paper bag as a vessel, it should be weighted down with sand or pebbles. Decorate the paper bags to match the feeling of your party. 


  • Tin Cans & Pails. Recycled food cans and small tin pails make for very cute containers. Using tin cans from the grocery store is the cheapest way to go. Cans can be accented with ribbon, lace, gift wrapping paper, spray painted and decorated to look charming as centerpieces. 


CHEAP FILLER IDEAS: Beyond inexpensive flowers such as daisies and baby’s breath, you can create centerpiece drama with other materials too. Fill your container of choice with some of these affordable ideas…

  • Tissue Paper Flowers. DIY tissue paper flowers for a cheap alternative to the real thing. Add crinkle shreds and tissue paper inside the container for filler. Use your theme colors for a bright and happy display.


  • Candy. Edible centerpieces are “sweet on greek,” especially if you order the candy online in bulk. Candy can fill a vase or “be” the arrangement instead of flowers or paper.


  • Cute Cutouts. A fun idea is to make centerpiece arrangements out of themed paper cutouts attached to long skewers. Very inexpensive and super cute for any recruitment event.


  • Branches. Spray paint branches you find out in nature in your theme colors. Add crystals, butterflies, paper flowers, or twinkle lights for a whimsical and super low cost centerpiece. 


  • Paper Pinwheels. DIY pinwheels out of two-sided scrapbook paper for a charming and inexpensive centerpiece. Attach to long sticks and arrange in a simple container.


  • Styrofoam Balls. Styrofoam balls come in many sizes. Ideal for DIY centerpieces. Styrofoam can be spray painted and embellished to look like topiaries, minnie mouse, hot air balloons and more. 


  • Paper Lanterns. Buy colorful paper lanterns in bulk and transform them into delightful centerpieces. They can be transformed into lollipops, topiaries, flowers, etc.


  • Balloons. The humble balloon is still a terrific cheap item to work with when making recruitment decor. Dressed up a little, a bouquet of balloons can become a stunning centerpiece. 


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☆ social sorority girl: looking for barn dance ideas… ☆

Q: What are good themes and t-shirt ideas for a barn dance? I can’t find anything cute that’s country themed!

A: Western, country and barn dance themes can be really cute! Country/western elements to use in tee shirt designs and decor include: barn, farm, cowboy boots, bandana print, bales of hay, mason jars, sunflowers, cowboy hat, spurs, wagon wheel, cactus, wooden fence, “wood” font letters, scrollwork, horses, stars, rope, pistols, wanted poster, etc…

☆ These are some of my fave inspirational designs:

• sweet elite sponsor METRO GREEK:

• sweet elite sponsor ADAM BLOCK DESIGN:

• More inspiration: 

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

For themed mixers and such, where do you find all of the clothing and outfits? Is there a strategy to doing so?

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Many of the best costumes come from thrift stores! Hopefully there is a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or local charity shop near your campus. They always seem to have a Hawaiian shirt when you need it. Also shop at Party City, The Dollar Store and discount outlets for make-your-own costume items. 

Another source for greek social clothing is your own school uniforms, girl scout accessories, work uniforms (everything from lab coats to waitress aprons), old halloween costumes from years past, prom dresses, dance recital wear, drama club costumes, pageant clothes, western shirts, etc… Lots of ‘old’ apparel can be turned into party fashions. 

Hats, headbands with ears, tails and make-up are all ways to create a costume without even having a full outfit. Wear all black and accessorize in your theme. Sometimes making a “sign” out of poster board is enough for a mixer. Inexpensive costume jewelry, feather boas, tutus, tiaras and colored tights are all key accessories for building a look. With a hot glue gun and some creativity, you can pull together a look for any costume event. xoxo ;)

Basic Apparel Examples for Theme Parties: 

  • A Plaid Shirt works for western, country fair, lumberjack, farmer, construction worker, 
  • A Plaid Pleated Skirt works for naughty school girl, kindergarten, secretary, flight attendant. 
  • Pair of Wings or Tutu works for fairy, angel, butterfly, fantasy princess, toddler beauty pageant.  
  • Leopard Print Anything works for jungle, zoo animals, tribal, tropical, night club. 
  • Strands of Fake Pearls works for under the sea, flapper, 50’s glam, breakfast at tiffany’s, 
  • Hawaiian Shirt works for luau, tacky tourist, tropical, jungle, around the world. 
  • ETC!!


✿ rush talk: creating a paradise recruitment theme… ✿

Q: I always like reading your tips on here. I was wondering if you, or anyone else in the sorority community, had some good ideas for a paradise theme for recruitment?

A: When working with a Paradise theme, first it’s a good idea to decide which “kind” of paradise you are going to focus on. All of your other style decisions flow from there. You can go with general tropical island, specifically a Hawaiian theme, a beach theme (not so island), a retro tiki luau, or a vacation & postcards vibe. Once you pick the type of Paradise you want to highlight, you can start planning your decorations, gifts and apparel.

✿ Elements of a Paradise theme (depending on your ‘type’ of paradise): 

  • Palm trees
  • Leis
  • Beach chairs, balls, umbrellas, rafts & floats, ocean, surfboards
  • Inflatable tropical animals
  • Tropical flowers - hibiscus especially
  • Tropical drinks with little umbrellas
  • Sunsets and sunset colors
  • 'Wish you were here' postcards
  • Tiki statues  
  • Paradise travel posters
  • Tropical fruits ~ pineapple, coconuts, papaya, mango
  • Starfish, shells, sand
  • Tropical birds & fish
  • Flower headbands & hula skirts
  • Bright tropical colors like hot pink, green, orange, blue & yellow

✿ Theme your banner, notifiers, decorations, tee shirts and everything else around your core ‘take’ on paradise. Depending on your greek letters, you may also be able to incorporate them into your ‘Welcome to Paradise’ slogan.

✿ Here are some examples of tropical recruitment sugar: ✿










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✰ sorority sugar super cute & simple bid day snacks! ✰

Bid day party food should be fun, extra cute and easy to handle while socializing with the chapter and the new members. I always think of preference night and bid day edibles as being clever and coordinated with the theme. These are some quick and easy adorable foods to take your special sorority events to the next level of cuteness! 

✰ 12 recruitment & bid day fabulous foodies: ✰

  • Sisterhood Rooted in Love: Wash & dry small clay pots (optional: line with a paper napkins), add your favorite ranch dip or hummus and cute baby carrots. Perfect for a garden/flower theme.


  • Phiesta Fun: If you are hosting a fiesta themed bid day party, serve 5-layer Mexican dip in small cups for delicious and easy eating. Layer refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, mild salsa and cheese. Top with diced tomatoes, green onions and a tortilla chip. Serve more chips nearby on the buffet table.  


  • Ice Cream Flower Pots: Wash and dry small clay pots. Cut a piece of pound cake to fit the bottom of the pot. Add your favorite ice cream flavor almost to the top. Garnish with crushed cookie pieces to look like dirt and gummy worms. Add a straw and bright flower accent. 


  • Mini Watermelons: Cut limes in half, scoop out the pulp and discard. Make strawberry Jello-O (add pureed strawberries if you wish) and allow to firm up for about an hour. Stir and spoon gelatin into the lime rinds. Refrigerate until firm - at least 3 hours. Carefully half the rinds again and sprinkle with black sesame seeds. 


  • Petite Rice Cream Cones: Mix a large batch of Rice Krispies Treats according to the directions. Allow the mixture to cool enough to handle. Spray a cookie scoop with non-stick Pam and mold the Krispies mixture into a mounded shape resembling a scoop of ice cream. Melt almond bark or Candy Melts and drizzle the candy over the scoops of rice cream. Top with sprinkles and a round piece of candy. Place extra candies in the bottom of the cones to weigh them down. Dip the edges of the decorated rice creams in melted candy and glue to the top of the small cones. 


  • Popsicle Brownies: Bake large trays of brownies, or purchase pre-made brownies from the bakery. Cut into ice cream bar shapes, insert popsicle sticks and place on wax paper. Melt colorful Candy Melts in the microwave and coat the sides and tops of the brownies. Garnish with sprinkles before the candy melt cools. 


  • Sweet Strawberry Fruit Cups: Extra special fruit presentation for extra special sisters. Use the largest strawberries you can find. Hull the strawberries and scoop out the center. Cut the bottoms flat so your strawberries will stand upright. Fill with finely chopped fruit mixture of your choice. Cherries, mangos and peaches for example. Garnish with a sprig of mint. 


  • Cookie Cutter Tea Sandwiches: Instead of plain cucumber sandwiches for preference night, use cookie cutters to cut your finger sandwiches into creative shapes. This makes your sandwiches even more attractive and memorable. Great for a bid day party buffet too. Works for any simple sandwich filling. 


  • Dipped Oreos On A Stick: Easy and fun to eat! Insert long lollipop sticks into the creamy center of Oreo cookies. Melt your favorite ready to frost cake icing in the microwave. Dip cookies either half way or fully in the melted icing. Garnish with sprinkles before frosting cools. Add food coloring to plain white icing to match your party theme. 


  • Sandwich Stack On A Stick: The cutest way to serve sandwiches ever. Buy wooden kabob skewers. Cut bread and cheese into fun shapes with mini cookie cutters. Layer the bread with cheese, turkey, tomato, lettuce, more cheese and bread. Fun and festive!


  • Dipped Marshmallow Treats: One of the prettiest and easiest sweets you can make. Insert candy sticks into jumbo marshmallows. Melt ready to frost icing in the microwave. Dip marshmallows part way into the melted frosting and garnish with sprinkles. 


  • Pink Chocolate Popcorn: For one batch of popcorn, mix together in a microwave safe bowl; 1 tablespoon shortening and 1 (0.14 ounce) packet of strawberry-flavored Kool-aid mix,   Melt in microwave for 1 minute. Add 1 (12 ounce) bag white chocolate chips and 2 drops of red food coloring. Continue to melt the mixture another 2 minutes. Pop 2 bags of plain microwave popcorn and place in a large bowl. Drizzle the melted mixture over the popcorn and stir carefully. Sprinkle with pink sanding sugar. Serve in bright solo cups tied with bows. Increase ingredients for serving a large group. 


• Also check out the sorority sugar Recruitment & Sisterhood Non-Alcoholic Drink Guide

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{all foodie photos found on Pinterest in multiple posts}

Hello there! So I am in Kappa Alpha Theta and I am hoping you could give me some suggestions on date party t-shirts. Last year we had Date A Theta shirts and my chapter didn't like the idea of shirts saying "Real Men Fly Kites". Any suggestions would be appreciated! Love the blog!

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Many Date Party shirts are designed around the party theme, instead of the chapter. For example ~ bow ties, luau, casino, etc. The theme also helps with brainstorming a slogan. But if you want more of a ‘Theta’ Date Party saying, here are some ideas….

  • Some Guys Were Born to Date Thetas
  • Date a Theta… If You Can
  • Date at First Kite 
  • Flying High With Theta
  • KATs on the Prowl 
  • Kite For Your Right to Party 
  • Star Light, Star Bright, Date a Theta Tonight
  • All You Need is Black & Gold 
  • Date the Gold Standard 
  • Θne Night - Θne Date 
  • Theta’s Are a Guy’s Best Date 
  • Go. Kite. Date. 
  • Why Date the Rest, When You Can Fly With the Best
  • There’s No Date Like a Theta Date

✿ sisterhood bonding ice breakers! ✿

Chapters are frequently looking for ways to get closer to their sisters, create unity and ease the divisions in their sisterhood. Retreats, sisterhood socials, parties and other events are fabulous ways to have fun together and break down barriers. These are some more sorority sugar ice breakers and team building games to bring your chapter closer together! 

✿ 5 sorority ice breaker bonding games: ✿

  • Name & Symbol Ice Breaker: This game is great for new members getting to know one another. Form a circle with everyone standing up. If the group is really large, break into several circles. The first girl says her Name and a Symbol to represent herself. For example, Becky - Daisy. The next girl repeats the name and symbol of the girl before her, then adds her name and symbol. The next girl repeats the name and symbol of every member before and adds her own. Repeat until everyone in the circle has gone. The game gets more difficult and more humorous as is grows. 
  • Super Speedy Groups: This game is all about forming and reforming groups as quickly as possible. Gather all the members into one room and assign an announcer. The announcer quickly calls out a group category and everyone must scramble to find their matches. Another type of group should be called out soon after, to keep the room moving. The idea is to mingle and meet as many sisters as possible as fast as possible! Suggested Group Call Outs: {add more to fit your chapter}
  1. A group of 5 with everyone having the same color eyes.
  2. A group of 3 with everyone having the same last digit in their cell phone numbers. 
  3. A group of 8 with everyone wearing the same size shoes.
  4. A group of 4 with the letter “H” in their names.
  5. A group of 6 with everyone born in the same month.
  • Get To Know Your Sister’s Interests: Lay extra large sheets of blank poster/craft paper around the room. On each piece of paper write one Interest Statement & Follow Up Question in bold ink to be answered by the sisters. Pens should be provided by each paper. The members then rotate around the room, writing their answers to questions that spark their interest. Everyone should answer at least one, and not more than three. After all the sisters have answered the questions, break into small groups to discuss the answers, or review them as a chapter. This will reveal what the sisterhood is interested in and provide insights as to future projects. Consider what gets the most interest, what has the least. Sample Interest Statements & Follow Up Questions: {add more to fit your chapter}
  1. I love to perform in public! What is your talent and where have you performed?
  2. I love to work on computers! What programs do you know?
  3. I have helped to organize a fundraiser or special event before! What type of activity did you participate in?
  4. Friendships are so important to me! What types of things could improve chapter friendships?
  5. I have traveled abroad! Where have you been?
  • One Sentence - One Group: Divide the sisterhood into two teams and tell them they are competing to see which team is the first to complete a group sentence. (If one group has an uneven number, one sister may compete twice.) Hang extra large paper on the wall for each team. Line the teams up 10 feet from their board. Give the first girl in each team a marker and explain the rules. Each member needs to add ONE WORD to the sentence. Players take turns; after they go to the board and write one word, they run back to give the next player the marker, and then go to the end of the line. The sentence must contain the same number of words as there are members on the team. A player may not add a word between words that have already been written. After the game, discuss the value of anticipatory thinking and the importance of cooperating as a group. Launch the game with a question that each group must answer in their sentence. Sample Starter Questions: 
  1. What does XYZ sorority mean to you?
  2. What would you say to the founders if you could meet them?
  3. What is your favorite part of XYZ chapter life?
  4. What makes an ideal XYZ sorority sister?
  5. Where do you see our chapter 100 years from now?
  • Think Outside the Box: Divide the chapter into small groups of about 4 sisters each. Show the groups an object like a sorority koozie, lanyard, candle, or other item in your chapter room. Ask each group to work together and come up with 10 different ways the object could be used. They have only five minutes make their list! The possibilities are endless. Discuss all the creative ideas after the five minutes are over. Award small candy prizes for most ‘outside the box’ thinking. You can repeat this game several times with other small objects. 

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✿ Link here for MORE sorority ice breaker/game ideas: 

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