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About academic sororities! Greek honor societies are a great way to celebrate your academic accomplishments! I am an SDT at Manhattan College and also the president of the engineering honor society (TBΠ) and the mechanical engineering honor society (ΠΤΣ), and my involvement in social and academic greek life has given me so many great opportunities! I am currently planning a formal for the school of engineering, a fusion of social and academic greek. Go greek in all walks of college life!

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THANK YOU for sharing your take on being in an academic sorority AND a NPC chapter!! You sound very active, hard working and achieving soooo much! You’re an excellent role model for being totally greek involved on campus! xoxo ;)

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big/little problems: life goes on after a change….

Q: I joined my sorority last fall at the school I was attending and it was great! I loved all the things we did and events with my big and family! However, due to a really unfortunate turn of events second semester I didn’t return to the school this year and am currently attending community college for now. I still talk to my big but it’s hard to visit because the school is about an eight hour drive from where I live. AND she might be getting another little. Any tips on how to stay close/what to do?

A: Sometimes unforeseen and unpleasant things happen in life that are totally out of your control. Change is thrust upon you. Which results in limited solutions to your new problems. You can stay in touch with your big, and your other sorority sisters, but their lives will be going forward at your former college. Sadly without you there. The truth is painful, but your big wants a new little so she can fully enjoy the years she has left in the chapter. That wish is nothing against you in any way. But when you depart, the world inside your sorority keeps on going… full speed ahead.

Long distance relationships have their limitations. But with social media, it’s easier to stay connected than it used to be. You can keep friendly contact with your sisters, but at the same time, you will need to make the most of where you are now. Somehow you must make the best of your community college, meet new friends and get involved with a hobby or activity you like. If you become happier in your own life, you won’t feel so depressed about missing your sisters. If you have returned to your hometown, maybe you can reconnect with some old high school friends. If you maximize your personal good times, it will ease your longing for greek life. 

I HOPE you have plans to return to your original college sometime soon. If finances are an issue, consider working to pay part of the bills. Reuniting with your sisters would be ideal. But in the meantime, be unselfish, loving and kind when it comes to your big enjoying her days in the chapter without you. By wishing her the best ~ your heart will be in the right place. You want HER to be happy, irregardless of your own personal situation. That’s what true friends wish for each other! xoxo ;)

"Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness, and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again." ~ Og Mandino

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My ‘Paying For Your Friends’ Sorority Story!

Every sorority girl has heard it before, “Oh you’re in a sorority? You enjoy paying for your friends?” The same question that is asked by every uniformed GDI. But does it have a basis in truth? I am here to tell about my story of struggling to pay for my sorority and why it is worth it.

I should give the precursor that I have absolutely no family in greek life, in fact I had to argue with my parents for 2 years in high school to get them to even let me go through recruitment. They didn’t believe it was worth it, but I saw the potential.

I go to mid level school in Georgia where greek life has been around for 50+ years. There is a greek row of houses and football is huge. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. During recruitment I asked each house how much the cost was, because I honestly had no idea. The only sorority that answered me was the one I ended up joining. I am a part of a sorority that just joined on campus. The girl who rushed me, told me it was $800. I called my parents excited because that wasn’t too much and I could do it. I went through the week excited to join, I knew where I wanted to be. Bid day was awesome and I couldn’t wait to get started! But at the first meeting my excitement fell. The sorority was and is $800 ~ but it is per semester. 

I called my parents crying because I knew we couldn’t afford it, and I was right. They were against me joining an organization that called for so much. Why spend so much money for friends when I could spend it on fun things like movies and clothes?

I called my best friend, who had joined a sorority the year before at another school, and told her what was going on. She calmed me down and talked me into continuing, she reminded me of the benefits which greek life offers, and how much fun I had at bid day. 

After some discussion with my parents they decided they would pay the first semester, but everything else after it would be my responsibility.

I sat down and wrote all of the pros of joining DPHIE. What future benefits it held for me, as well as present events. By the end I knew what I had to do and a year later I don’t regret my decision. I made due, I got a job, saved up and paid for it because I knew I was not paying for my friends. I am paying for my future. I have learned more from being in a sorority then I have from my classes. I wouldn’t change a thing!

So the next time someone says anything related to “Paying for friends" just remember that you aren’t paying for the friendships you will make, but for the right to call yourself a greek woman and to wear your letters proudly, for you are capable of anything when you go greek.

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sorority Q&A: a chapter in deep trouble…

Q: Last night, our chapter found out that we are on probation. Our advisors have been taken away and we are on our last leg. We have attendance and grade problems. As a sophomore with a position, I feel helpless. I have to ask, is there hope? Have sororities survived this? We can’t have a single risk management issue, yet we are keeping the two girls that got caught at a bar as minors last semester. I’m scared. We are on probation until April 2015. Also, worse case scenario, would we younger members be considered alum, or be stripped of our pins?

A: I am so sorry your chapter is having such problems! You definitely need stronger leadership and better supervision. I hope some new advisors are on the way to help your sorority ASAP. Maybe being on probation will put the fear of god into your disruptive members and they will start flying right. This should be a serious wake-up call for your sisterhood. 

It’s totally possible to bounce back from this! Sometimes chapters are put on probation for four years and still manage to rebound. So to be disciplined for less than a year is not too bad. But behavior must change. Now is the time for reflection and a rearranging of your chapter values. I hope your members rally, bond more closely and are ‘reborn’ better than ever next spring. Time for more education, meetings, retreats, policy reviews, sisterhood strengthening, etc… A wake up call can really help a chapter get back to their core values. This can be a blessing in disguise.

As far as what happens if your chapter is closed on campus ~ each sorority has it’s own policies regarding membership status in extreme situations. I do not believe all the sisters would be striped of their badges. You just wouldn’t have an active chapter at your school to participate in. The members who violated the rules might be removed, but I hope that the entire chapter would not be permanently punished. Every organization has it’s own bylaws for membership issues, so I can’t speak to how each sorority would handle it specifically. Most likely you could retain your membership, but not be an active collegiate member at your university. 

Let’s hope things don’t get to that point! Some tough talk is needed so your sorority doesn’t have any more trouble. It’s possible to ride out your probation and function normally afterwards, but it takes hard work, patience and a big change in attitude. xoxo ;)

"While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions." ~ Stephen Covey

"It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities." ~ Josiah Stamp

rush talk: what to do next when fall recruitment doesn’t work out…

Q: I decided to drop out of fall recruitment because the only chapters that asked me back for pref day were ones that I had absolutely no interest in. Don’t get me wrong, they were GREAT girls, I just had such a strong connection with the girls in another chapter, that joining one of the others felt entirely wrong. I’m really considering waiting another year to rush again unless my top chapter, or another I was interested in, will be listed for spring recruitment. Any advice on how to stay positively connected with the chapters until then?

A: I am sorry that you didn’t connect with any of the chapters which connected with you! Rush is all about match-making and sometimes the two sides just don’t come together. But it’s great that you are interested in trying rush again….

My suggestion for the next semester, or the next year, is to become involved with activities that you really like. By being active in other clubs/groups, you will naturally meet greeks along the way. And have fun too. For example, you want to be a campus tour guide and you meet other guides who are in sororities. Or, you join the rowing team and it also includes greek girls. Sorority members are always busy on campus outside their chapter. They are frequently in student government, sports, philanthropy, music, academic clubs, etc… They’re everywhere! There are always opportunities to meet and befriend sorority members. That will help you when rush comes around again.

In the next year you also want to keep your grades high and continue doing the activities chapters look for on PNM applications like charity volunteering. You will be adding to your resume as the year goes on. Now is not the time to kick back and just hang out in your dorm room. Your growth as a PNM continues. I wish you all the best whenever you rush again. May the results be more favorable next time! xoxo ;)

I've been in my sorority for going on three semesters and I'm not super close to a lot of my sisters... I know it's hard to be super close to them all but I'm only somewhat close to a few. Do you have any tips on how I can be closer to my sisters?

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Participation at a higher level is the answer!  Just attending meetings and sitting next to sisters is not a very easy way to bond. But jumping in and getting your hands dirty is an excellent way to become closer! I personally have always liked getting to know other girls when there is something to DO together.

For example, you and some other sisters are decorating for recruitment and you have a blast working together. You volunteer to staff the check-in table for the next fundraising 5k and you get to know the other sisters you staff the table with. You pitch in to paint the new lawn letters, staff the go-greek table, distribute bid day tee shirts, etc… etc… There are hundreds of ways to take your membership to the next level and get more friendly with sisters at the same time. That approach has always worked for me! 

The other way to get closer is to be more outgoing and instigate social activities. Invite sisters out for a drink, go to dinner together, attend a frat party together. Put yourself out there in the social scene. But that’s sometimes difficult to do if you don’t know the sisters very well. Bonding over chapter activites FIRST, sets you up for more social interaction later! Also make sure you ATTEND every retreat, philanthropy event, sisterhood social, guest speaker event, alumnae/chapter social, etc… Being actively present gives you maximum exposure to other members who are engaged with chapter life too. You need to BE who you want to meet. 

More tips: take a new little • socialize more with your family line • get involved with some all-greek committees • run for panhellenic office • run for chapter office • do things with the sisters you are close with and step closer to more sisters through them. Networking can happen inside a chapter too. If you try all of the things I have suggested, I guarantee you will will connect with more sisters (and more greeks) than you ever thought possible. Chapters are there for members to get involved and take advantage of the social opportunities. Take steps this fall to DO MORE and reap the rewards!! xoxo ;)

✿ best ways to overcome sorority embarrassment! ✿

Q: So last year I was a snap bid for the sorority I wanted to be in the most. For some reason I feel kind of embarrassed and angry because I know three girls who didn’t want me apart of their chapter & they were the only ones preventing me to get in. They made up rumors about how desperate I was to get into the sorority. Any advice on how I get over the embarrassment and anger?

A: There is NO reason to be embarrassed about taking a snap bid! Thank god things worked out for you following bid day. And to join your favorite chapter on top of it all. I’m sorry a few nasty sisters are ruining things for you. Once a girl is “in” there is no reason to trash a fellow member over how she joined the chapter. It just doesn’t matter.

In one sense they are right ~ you were eager to get into the most fabulous sorority on campus! What’s wrong with that? It’s also the chapter THEY decided to choose as their #1. When you break it down, their gossip is ridiculous. All of your sisters were excited and dying to pledge your chapter at one time or another.

To recover from this incident, keep these things in mind… Three sisters do not represent the entire chapter in any way. In every sorority, there will be members you don’t get along with. Not all PNMs are accepted with 100% agreement. There are always debates and opposing opinions on some members. You will see this in action when you’re on the other side of formal recruitment this year. Some new members are “controversial” coming into the chapter for different reasons. But hopefully time heals all wounds. 

✿ Top 9 Tips for Overcoming Sorority Embarrassments: ✿

  • Keep the event in the PAST. All embarrassments are from something that happened “before.” If you can put the incident there and shut the door, you will feel better. Live in the present and give no credence to the past. By staying in the moment, you will stop being tortured over what happened a year ago.
  • Agree & laugh about the incident. If you hear any gossip about how you joined, laugh and say "You’re so right. I was dying to get into the very best sorority on campus and be sisters with all of you!" If you can have a sense of humor about your embarrassment, it will cease to be mortifying. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at your silly sisters. Humor and agreement makes the entire controversy go away. 
  • Stop apologizing. There is nothing to be sorry for. Don’t feel like you have to defend yourself. You did nothing wrong. A majority of sisters wanted you to join and they voted you IN. Done deal. Sorry some sisters don’t like it, but that’s their problem. No more feeling bad over doing the right thing and accepting a snap bid. What were you suppose to do, turn it down? 
  • Be bold - be you. Get over what happened a year ago and start putting yourself “out there” in your chapter. Take action to contradict the old story. Run for office, take a chair position, get involved in the Panhellenic, join some campus clubs, etc… Start being so productive, the past fades away. Prove how valuable you are to your sorority. Step up and show everyone you’re an asset to your sisterhood. Stamp out the ugliness with positive actions to the contrary. 
  • Put things into perspective. In order to reduce your stressful feelings about this specific incident, think about other embarrassing moments you’ve had. Write a list of your other painful/awkward experiences. Like the time you were the only one to show up in a Halloween costume. Or, the time your high school boyfriend dumped you in front of everyone at a pep rally. Once you realize that unpleasant things happen in life, it will put this one issue into its proper place in the grand scale of things. 
  • Give up on perfectionism. One reason you feel bad is that you didn’t join in the picture perfect way the other girls did in your pledge class. The criticisms hit a nerve, because you feel self conscious about being a snap bid new member. Forgive yourself! Maybe you didn’t make the first draft, but you still joined the team. Not every life event goes as planned in storybook fashion. Forget living up to some idealistic version of sorority life and start enjoying reality. 
  • Stop being afraid. Embarrassment is basically fear of being thought of poorly by others. You are afraid of being “lesser than.” Face your fears, accept that you can’t undo the past and move forward with strength. You have the power to control your emotions. You can stamp out your anxiety. Grab control of your own thoughts and don’t let others define you. Be proud of your membership and don’t let anyone take that away from you. 
  • Talk it out. Talk about your feelings with a trusted sister and get it off your chest. This can help you come to terms with how you started your greek life. If possible, extend an olive branch to the three sisters who are gossiping about you and clear the air. Reach out to them with love and forgiveness. If you kill them with kindness, and reach a truce, the anger will cease on all sides. 
  • Find inspiration. Look for other sisters/new members who are struggling and help them with their problems. If you look beyond the mirror, and focus on other people’s challenges, it will reduce your own worries. Giving is the best medicine. There are probably sisters in your chapter who have much more serious issues. Be the shoulder to cry on and the helper in times of need. All of sudden your reputation is restored and your anger has disappeared. Living your creed is ultimate answer to moving on! 

These tips are helpful for all kinds of recruitment and chapter embarrassments. Personal blunders and set backs happen to everyone. Don’t let the residual emotions from an unhappy event taint your sorority life. Regrets, doubts and mistakes are part of reality. The key is to not let them rule the day. Work through your issues, so you can get back to having the glorious greek life you always wanted! xoxo ;)

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