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★ sweet elite sponsor spotlight ~ The Turnip Seed Co! ★

I am a big fan of the totally custom sorority & preppy caps at THE TURNIP SEED CO! They have a popular Etsy shop and now a new website as well. You can pick your cap color • pick your greek letters color & pick your sorority name colors. It’s easy as 1-2-3 to have the cutest individual cap for you and your big/little. Perfect for REVEAL. I recently chatted with owner Reva at The Turnip Seed Co to get the inside scoop on their fab greek business! 


SS: How did you come to start The Turnip Seed Co and why did you choose to sell Greek merchandise?

TTSC: I went to graduate school I got a job in textiles. It was more of a research job. Soon I realized that I would much rather make things than research them. I remembered how much fun I had using the embroidery machine at school and decided that I wanted to embroider hats. College will always be an amazing time in my life and selling Greek merchandise is a way for me to stay close to my college days. Each time I make a sorority hat I’m taken down memory lane. 

SS: What makes your hats stand out in the crowded sorority marketplace?

TTSC: I looked around myself and there wasn’t a lot of sorority baseball caps around. I know I like wearing hats when I’m having a bad hair day and I couldn’t find any. The ones I did find, only came in one color and one design. The Turnip Seed Co. strives to offer a wide variety of designs and color customization. This way you can make sure your hat matches any outfit or theme! 

SS: What’s your favorite style or type of cap design?

TTSC: Oh, this is a tough question. But, my favorite style is the STATE outline with either Greek letters or a monogram. Also the hats we’ve completely made from scratch, such as the white eyelet hat. I love representing my own state and I’ve very proud to be a local business. As for the white eyelet hat, I LOVE pattern and textured textiles. I feel like wearing a pattered hat is an easy way to add texture and depth to your outfit. 


SS: What’s the funniest or craziest thing that’s ever happened at The Turnip Seed Co?

TTSC: Everyday is an adventure here, but I think one of the funniest times is when our hat steamer came in! We ordered it from China, so it was delivered in a giant crate. It was about 3 ft wide, 5 ft long, and 5 ft tall. We were lucky enough to have movers there to help us. It took 4 grown men to make an action plan and them lift and push the machine into a 15 point turn to just make it inside without going through the wall. It was a miracle that no was hurt, the machine did not get bumped, and all the walls stayed intact!

SS: Does your company have any philanthropy involvement?

TTSC: We have donated some items to sorority silent auctions. And we are looking into donating more to nonprofits. I am doing a lot of research now to make sure that what we donate will go to helping the cause that the nonprofit stands for.  

SS: Do you have any exciting new plans or new products on the horizon for 2015?

TTSC: Oh yes! We have all the machinery now to make hats from scratch. We are going to be releasing some amazing new designs soon! 


 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I know that Panhelenic is your specialty, but I just recently joined Beta Sigma Phi. A lot of our sisters are of the older generation so there isn't a lot of sugar on the market. Do any of your fave companies do single, custom orders? xx

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I have a wonderful solution for you! My Premier Tier Sponsor GREEK U has a full collection of single buy apparel that you can completely customize for Beta Sigma Phi! You can create your designs and preview them online before ordering. I designed the apparel in the photos below. Choose from tanks, tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, baseball jerseys, shorts, pants, scarves and more. They also have a full collection of Beta Sigma Phi gifts and accessories with low minimum orders. And of course you can place group chapter orders as well with discounts for larger amounts. 

If you are looking for individual custom clothing and accessories then GREEK U is for you! xoxo ;)