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I'm in charge of buying gifts for every senior in my chapter, but I'm under a really strict budget. I can only spend about $15 per girl, and they're all having difficulty agreeing on something. Could you maybe help me with some awesome suggestions?

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For that amount per girl you may be able to find a jewelry “charm”, key fob, friendship bracelet, mug, tumbler, or other giftie that will be a keepsake for seniors. The good news is if you are buying for ALL the seniors, you can take advantage of a group order discount. The more you order, the lower the price per unit.

For a wide selection of small greek gifts, check out these FAVE shops: {all of these examples are in the $15 range!}





• Photo gifts from Tiny Prints:


A LIST GREEK charms & charm necklaces: 


• Shop for the most in-style fashion jewelry: {bangles on sale}


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I just went thru recruitment this semester and my big graduates in May. She's going thru order in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what to get her & she says she doesn't want anything. What do I do?

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When someone says they don’t want anything, they don’t really mean in deep down. Everyone likes to be remembered and celebrated on special occasions ~ despite their protests. You don’t have to go overboard, but a sweet crafted gift, your sorority flower and a thoughtful card would be very appropriate. You could make a commemorative paddle, plaque, pin box, picture frame, pillow, etc. Or order a personalized piece of sorority jewelry, custom big/little photo mug, a ‘nicer’ glass with your sorority crest, etc. There are so many options for crafts and/or custom sorority gifts. Pick something that is more like a ‘keepsake’ than just another tee shirt, add a few frills and you will be all set. 

For more senior gift ideas, please visit my FAQ page and also my Shopping Links page for a master list of greek websites! xoxo ;)