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sorority Q&A: welcome back rho gamma BIG!

Q: What are some good ideas to welcome your sister back from being a recruitment counselor? I know on bid day they do the reveal and some people do signs and stuff. I want to something special for my big though to welcome her back home!

A: Bid Day super busy, so something simple and extra cute would be FUN to welcome your Big back to the chapter! 

An XL balloon bouquet would be striking. Attach a welcome back sign to the bouquet. 

A painted banner just for your big, hung in a prominent place, would happily surprise her.

Print matching big/little tees to wear at your bid day party. They could say something like "Got My Big Back" & "Got My Little Back."

Make a candy bouquet with all of your Big’s favorite sweet treats.

Decorate your Big’s door with an extra special welcome back design.

Create a ‘welcome back biggie” photo frame especially for the two of you. Include your names, big/little and the bid day theme. Take lots of reunion pictures.

Customize a set of big/little tumblers for enjoying your bid day beverages. 

Order a sweet cookie bouquet in your bid day theme or sorority symbols. 

Decorate your Big’s room with streamers, signs and balloons. Similar to big/little week ~ but in reverse. 

Craft a one-of-a-kind spectacular hat for your Big to wear, or one for both of you to celebrate in. 

❤ Any of these ideas should make your recruitment counselor Big feel loved, appreciated and happy to be back with her sisters! XOXO ❤

Hey! I'll be getting a little this year and I want to get her the best gift basket ever. What are some fun ideas of things I can craft or buy for her?

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Really sky’s the limit when it comes to big/little gift baskets! I recently posted some adorable crates that were painted and decorated with the little’s name ~ which made for an extra cute container. 


• Please refer to my NEW UPDATEDUltimate Big/Little Giftie Guide" for LOTS & LOTS of gift ideas to craft or purchase!! When reading the list, keep in mind almost every item can be made/ordered with greek letters, sorority name, or personal monogram! That make each gift a special big/little sorority treat. xoxo ; )

❉ cute & crafty: how to paint a sorority/preppy mason jar! ❉

Q: Do you have any posts on painting mason jars in Lilly or anything like that? I can’t seem to find any good pictures to go off of!

A: Painting sorority or preppy mason jars is an excellent idea! A perfect big/little craft. Here are some quick DIY instructions and photos for inspiration!! 



  • Glass mason jar with/without handles or lids
  • Acrylic or Enamel paints like Folk Art or Martha Stewart
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil for tracing
  • Tissue Paper and black Sharpie for tracing
  • Computer print out of the monogram, text, design, and/or Lilly pattern sized to fit
  • Nail Polish remover & piece of paper towel
  • Krylon spray sealant
❉ STEP 1 Clean & Prep:
  • Clean your mason jar with hot soapy water and let it dry thoroughly. The mason jar needs to be free of any residue, which can interfere with paint application and adhesion.
  • If you are painting freehand, practice your design on a piece of paper before beginning to paint on the glass jar.
  • If you are tracing a design, the tissue paper & Sharpie method will work on glass. Print your design on a piece of paper from the computer. Trace the pattern with pencil onto tissue or tracing paper. Tape the tissue paper onto the glass and trace over the lines again with a fine tip black Sharpie. The ink will seep through the tissue and leave an outline on the glass ready for painting. 
  • Alternative method: paint your solid background color first, then trace on your Lilly print, preppy pattern, or monogram outline. A lighter background color works best for this technique. 
❉ STEP 2 Paint the Jar:
  • Paint the jar using paint brushes and sponges. Sponges are good for the broad background strokes and brushes are good for painting the details of your pattern. 
  • Paint two coats and let dry in between. 
  • Remove any stray spots and smudges with nail polish remover on a corner of paper towel.
  • When finished, let your jar air dry at least 24 hours. Follow the drying instruction on your paint bottles,

❉ STEP 3 Heat the Jar {if needed}:

  • If your creation is decoration only, then you can SKIP this step! But if your mason jar will used & washed, you must set the paints by baking your jar in the oven. Line a cookie sheet with foil. Place the jar on its side and put inside a COLD oven set at 350F. Let the glass bake for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat, but allow the jar to sit inside for another 10 minutes. Remove it after 30 minutes total. 
❉ STEP 4 Seal the Jar:
  • For decorative mason jars all you need for the final step is to seal the paint. Spray on a coat of Krylon clear craft sealer over the entire surface of the mason jar. And prepare to surprise your big/little with a fabulous one-of-a-kind giftie!




❉ The examples below are created with decals, but they could also be painted on a mason jar for super cute monogram look: 



{all photos from Goggle search}

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