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❀ WELCOME NEW Sweet Elite Sponsor SOCKPRINTS!!! 

Sockprints was my very first Product Review 1 year ago and now I am happy to announce their sweet on greek Sponsorship of sorority sugar!! They have the cutest custom sorority socks for ALL 26 NPC chapters, lots of designs to choose from and special customization for chapter and big/little names. The socks come in bundles of 3 different designs. And are perfect for bid day tote bags, big/little reveal and new member initiation gifts! Sooooo sugary. 

 Please READ my updated sorority sugar  Sister-To-Sister Product Review of SOCKPRINTS to learn ALL about their fantastic merchandise.

 ❀ FIND Sockprints:

❉ cute & crafty: how to paint a wooden badge box! ❉

A new semester means new sisters! A sorority badge box makes a beautiful big/little gift for initiation. Make your pin box the best it can be with these easy crafting tips…


  • Unfinished wood trinket box from the craft store
  • Acrylic paints & brushes
  • Primer
  • Spray sealer 
  • Tissue or tracing paper, pencil & fine point sharpie 
  • Computer printed design
  • Wood letters of choice 
  • Accessories such as ribbon or symbols 
  • Pearl trim, gems, or other accents
  • Hot glue gun

❉ STEP 1 Clean & Prep:

  • Choose a well ventilated area to work in.
  • Sand your box with a fine grit sandpaper if needed. A box from the craft store may be smooth enough that you can skip this step.
  • After sanding, wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth and let dry completely. 
  • Brush or spray on primer. This step fills the pores and ensures that the paint applies evenly.

❉ STEP 2 Trace or Freehand the Design:

  • Print your design from the computer. 
  • Lay tissue/tracing paper over the design and trace with pencil.
  • Place tissue paper on the surfaces of the box and re-trace the design with a fine point Sharpie. The line ink will soak through the paper and leave an outline for your painting. 
  • If you are freehand drawing, lightly pencil the pattern onto the box. 

❉ STEP 3 Paint & Seal the Box:

  • Paint one side at a time and allow to try, so the box can be rotated without messing up the paint.
  • Depending on the style of the design, paint the background color first and allow to dry. 
  • Paint the details on top of the background color if using this method. 
  • Don’t forget the bottom of the box and the inside. All surfaces should be painted in at least the base color.
  • Add a quote or name on the inside if you wish.
  • Allow the entire box to dry 24 hours.
  • Spray on sealer.

❉ STEP 4 Trim the Box: 

  • After the sealer has dried, accent your painted badge box by hot gluing on greek letters, pearls, ribbon, jewels, flowers, or other accessories.  
  • Don’t forget to accent the inside if needed. Another option is to line the interior of the box with a soft fabric. 

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looking for unique lavalieres!

Q: First of all, I LOVE your blog and Pinterest boards because I’m addicted! My family line has always given lavalieres for Christmas gift after your initiation gift from big to little. My little is super unique, and I love her to bits. Any good ideas on where to find unique lavalieres? Thanks a bunch!

A: I am a huge fan of lavalieres for their classic traditional look. They are soooo sorority! And what a nice tradition you have for big/little gifting. I have several favorite places for you to shop for unique lavalieres! 

• NAVA NY: beautiful lavalieres in a variety of looks: 

THE COLLEGIATE STANDARD: charming lavalieres with CZ “diamonds”  Swarovski crystals and different styles: 

A•LIST GREEK: gorgeous sorority jewelry from one of my Sweet Elite Sponsors that’s not your typical lavalier, but the designs might be the something different you are looking for: 

I highly recommend all of these amazing sorority jewelry companies! XOXOXOXOXO!! 

❤ sweet elite sponsor spotlight ~ GREEK U! ❤

I recently took the opportunity to catch up with sorority sugar Sweet Elite Sponsor GREEK U and asked them about what’s happening at one of my favorite greek apparel businesses. Check out what’s NEW-NEW-NEW at GREEK U!

SS: What are the latest developments at Greek U?

GU: We have some incredible new printed apparel designs that we are working on that are going to blow your mind!! THEY ROCK (only slightly biased statement) - but really they do. The “Printed Pattern Collection” was featured in our recent Dazzling Dozen Giveaway. Patterns like tribal, chevron, mosaic, floral and polka dots are being released in time for Fall Recruitment! This is super exciting for our Greek U customers. More prints are still in the works, and we cannot wait for you all to see them!

SS: What is your favorite NEW design in your sorority apparel collection?

GU: Ooo so hard to pick just one!!! It has to be the new Printed Pattern Collection, with 4 different design layouts that can be filled with 18 different patterns! Each of the patterns is fully customizable so you can change the colors within all of them (as well as the garment color) and preview them right online. If we absolutely must pick one though, we do absolutely adore our Floral 1 Heart Pattern Tank, Tee & Tote designs.

SS: Tell me about your Campus Rep program. Can girls still sign up for Fall 2014?

GU: We are in the works of completely redesigning our rep program, to offer better opportunities for our campus ambassadors. Stay tuned and look for more information coming in the Spring 2015 on our Facebook and website

SS: What are some of your new ‘swag’ items for bid day gifts?

GU: We just recently added some amazing new styles of sunglasses, fully customizable drinkware like aluminum water bottles, tumblers, and fitness bottles, fun journals, cuddly stuffed animals, and more. These are all able to be customized and previewed online as well, which makes them the perfect gifts to give all your new girls on Bid Day!!

SS: What’s on the horizon for Greek U in 2015?

GU: Well we don’t want to give too many surprises away, but we have in the works for this winter, new clothing styles and merchandise (Comfort Colors, Spirit Jerseys, hats, new jewelry!!), new premium fabrics for letter shirts and sweatshirts, and some new individually printed designs and tote bags!!


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