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Hi! I'm doing continuos recruitment at my school I don't know what to wear for casual events. It's cold now so I can't wear shorts or fun sundresses. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

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If the events are casual and the weather cool, then you can wear nice jeans and boots with a blouse or sweater, a shift dress or a sweater dress with boots or flats, or a skirt and top with boots or flats. Colored jeans with a shirt or sweater is another good choice. 

To me a nice pair of leather boots makes all of the fashions in winter look appealing and presentable for recruitment. They will keep you warm, add the right amount of casual-yet-nice and they elevate a pair of jeans to a classier level. A great scarf is also a versatile accessory that adds a dash of flare to your pants and top look. And don’t forget a touch of jewelry. All of these things are the alternative winter replacements for shorts, sundresses, sandals and summer jewelry. 

You may already wear some of these fall/winter styles on campus, just make sure your recruitment versions are a little bit nicer, clean and polished. Even if events are casual, you are still being evaluated and you always want to look your best. xoxo ;)

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