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Where would be a good place to find a sorority tablecloth? Lilly Pulitzer doesn't make one for AOII, and I've found some on pinterest but can't seem to locate where to buy one. Thanks!!

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if lilly pulitzer doesn’t make an AOII tablecloth, i honestly don’t know where you would find one. my recommendation is to buy AOII lilly fabric by the yard on EBAY (if you can) and have a seamstress make a tablecloth for you. this is one AOII fabric for sale ‘by the yard right’ right now from an ebay seller……


For the girl asking about sorority fabric, Lilly sells it in their sorority section as a "tablecloth" but I think it's just regular fabric that you can cut up, and it comes in huge amounts, so you can split the cost (and the fabric!) with sisters!

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THANKS for the tip! i didn’t think the tablecloths were still available! so good to know. the current patterns for sale at are TriDelt, DZ & KKG ~


I'm not a fan of most of the Lilly P products, but I do love my sorority fabric print. I was wondering if you knew if/where it is possible to purchase the fabrics by the yard? I know a lot of Greek merchants use the fabric for letter shirts, and I'm just trying to figure out where they get it! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you xoxo

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most of the lilly fabric sources are on etsy and eBay, as far as i know. if you google “lilly pulitzer fabric by the yard” you will get lots of websites selling regular lilly prints. i am unaware of any sources for sorority fabrics by the yard. lilly probably wants to limit availability, so there aren’t thousands of knock-off products…… 

**followers ~ does anyone know where to buy lilly sorority fabrics by the yard?

from the sorority sugar fan mail… looking for small print disney fabric!

from bandgeeklikeme ~

So, I am planning to do custom letter shirts for myself, my grandbig, and my little(s). I plan to use JennaBenna! However, all the Disney fabrics I’ve found are “too big”!

If anyone has any little mermaid/pocahontas fabrics they found are good, please let me know. Once I find out who my littles are I might need help with theirs as well.

Also, the below link is fabric I am in LOVE with, but it’s too big: 

Thanks a bunch!! **Does anyone know of a similar fabric that has a smaller pattern, or have any suggestions?