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❥ Sweet on ΔΦΕ Sayings:

  • Viva La ΔΦΕ
  • Δreams CΦme TruE
  • Notorious DPhiE
  • Keep Calm and Esse Quam 
  • Don’t Let ΔnyΦnE Dull Your Sparkle 
  • Only Royalty Wears Purple & Gold 
  • Pretty Little Deephers 
  • Be All That You Can Be In D PHI E
  • TodΔy, TΦmorrow, ForEver 
  • It’s a Bond That Has No Words, But Three Letters - ΔΦΕ
  • Running the World Since 1917
  • D PHI E Pride
  • Are You the Woman You Want to Be? GO ΔΦΕ
  • ΔΦΕ isn’t Something You Become, it’s Something You’ve Always Been

❥ from: Sayings By Chapter for the 26 NPC Sororities