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Hey so my big is going to be a senior in the fall and I was thinking about making her a few little crafts as a "happy senior year" basket. I'm just worried she won't hang them or find use for them as she never really hangs anything in her bedroom. It's not like she doesn't care, I just don't want to overwhelm her with even more crafts especially now that she is going to be graduating soon and moving out of school. So should I even bother crafting or would you suggest giving something else?

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Gifts given to senior sisters should be a little different that what you would give a new member. Your big is leaving the chapter soon for the “real world” where she won’t display as many greek letters and sorority sugar. And she’s already not the displaying type!

For senior gift giving there are basically 2 ways to go. You can commemorate your time together by crafting a sentimental keepsake, or look forward to her needs after college and give her a future type gift. For example, a memento style gift could be a multiple photo picture frame/wall hanging of your years together. A future type gift might be a set of coasters and decorated wine glasses in your sorority colors for her new apartment. 

When sisters leave college they may not display giant greek flags in their room, but they still have a soft spot for their sorority flower, colors and symbols. There is always a way to make your gifts sorority “special” without being over the top with the greek glitz. xoxo ;)

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Hey Elizabeth! Every school does recruitment a little bit differently, but I was wondering what exactly bid notifiers are used for? At my school, we are handed our official bid in a little white envelope by our rho gams, and we then go to the corresponding room with current sisters while most of the older girls do a mad dash to decorate all of our doors with welcome banners and signs! P.s. love the trippin' and sippin' background!

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Notifiers are another super cute bit of sorority sugar that chapters use on bid day to welcome their new members. And one of my personal favorites! Most panhellenic’s distribute the bids just like your school does, then the PNMs run outside to meet their waiting chapter on a nearby grassy area/sports field. Or they run/walk to sorority row, take buses to the sorority houses. The sisters are waiting with the notifiers around their neck, or held on sticks, with each new member’s name on them.

They are crafted to match the bid day theme in shapes like footballs, anchors, sea creatures, sorority symbols, etc. They serve as a welcome souvenir, decoration and a name tag all at the same time. The new member’s “rush buddy” will have the honor of hugging her “rush crush,” welcome her to the chapter and give her the notifier for bid day photos. These chapters also have welcome signs, decorations, banners and more… Can’t have too much bid day SUGAR! xoxo ;)

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