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★☆ throw your ‘MERICA pride! ★☆
group discounts for chapter orders too!
TWYK is updating their website, so you can order these patriotic decals via their Etsy shop:

★☆ throw your ‘MERICA pride★☆

  • group discounts for chapter orders too!
  • TWYK is updating their website, so you can order these patriotic decals via their Etsy shop:

My ‘Paying For Your Friends’ Sorority Story!

Every sorority girl has heard it before, “Oh you’re in a sorority? You enjoy paying for your friends?” The same question that is asked by every uniformed GDI. But does it have a basis in truth? I am here to tell about my story of struggling to pay for my sorority and why it is worth it.

I should give the precursor that I have absolutely no family in greek life, in fact I had to argue with my parents for 2 years in high school to get them to even let me go through recruitment. They didn’t believe it was worth it, but I saw the potential.

I go to mid level school in Georgia where greek life has been around for 50+ years. There is a greek row of houses and football is huge. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. During recruitment I asked each house how much the cost was, because I honestly had no idea. The only sorority that answered me was the one I ended up joining. I am a part of a sorority that just joined on campus. The girl who rushed me, told me it was $800. I called my parents excited because that wasn’t too much and I could do it. I went through the week excited to join, I knew where I wanted to be. Bid day was awesome and I couldn’t wait to get started! But at the first meeting my excitement fell. The sorority was and is $800 ~ but it is per semester. 

I called my parents crying because I knew we couldn’t afford it, and I was right. They were against me joining an organization that called for so much. Why spend so much money for friends when I could spend it on fun things like movies and clothes?

I called my best friend, who had joined a sorority the year before at another school, and told her what was going on. She calmed me down and talked me into continuing, she reminded me of the benefits which greek life offers, and how much fun I had at bid day. 

After some discussion with my parents they decided they would pay the first semester, but everything else after it would be my responsibility.

I sat down and wrote all of the pros of joining DPHIE. What future benefits it held for me, as well as present events. By the end I knew what I had to do and a year later I don’t regret my decision. I made due, I got a job, saved up and paid for it because I knew I was not paying for my friends. I am paying for my future. I have learned more from being in a sorority then I have from my classes. I wouldn’t change a thing!

So the next time someone says anything related to “Paying for friends" just remember that you aren’t paying for the friendships you will make, but for the right to call yourself a greek woman and to wear your letters proudly, for you are capable of anything when you go greek.

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