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sorority Q&A: welcome back rho gamma BIG!

Q: What are some good ideas to welcome your sister back from being a recruitment counselor? I know on bid day they do the reveal and some people do signs and stuff. I want to something special for my big though to welcome her back home!

A: Bid Day super busy, so something simple and extra cute would be FUN to welcome your Big back to the chapter! 

An XL balloon bouquet would be striking. Attach a welcome back sign to the bouquet. 

A painted banner just for your big, hung in a prominent place, would happily surprise her.

Print matching big/little tees to wear at your bid day party. They could say something like "Got My Big Back" & "Got My Little Back."

Make a candy bouquet with all of your Big’s favorite sweet treats.

Decorate your Big’s door with an extra special welcome back design.

Create a ‘welcome back biggie” photo frame especially for the two of you. Include your names, big/little and the bid day theme. Take lots of reunion pictures.

Customize a set of big/little tumblers for enjoying your bid day beverages. 

Order a sweet cookie bouquet in your bid day theme or sorority symbols. 

Decorate your Big’s room with streamers, signs and balloons. Similar to big/little week ~ but in reverse. 

Craft a one-of-a-kind spectacular hat for your Big to wear, or one for both of you to celebrate in. 

❤ Any of these ideas should make your recruitment counselor Big feel loved, appreciated and happy to be back with her sisters! XOXO ❤