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❀ Sweet ΔΖ on Sayings: 

  • AmΔΖing since 1902
  • CΔn’t Touch ThiZ
  • Bows, Pearls & Delta Zeta Girls 
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to Be a Delta Zee
  • Let It Be ΔΖ
  • Forever in the Flame 
  • I Dream in Pink & Green 
  • Nothing DΔΖzles Like Diamonds 
  • Be AmΔΖing
  • Sparkle Like a Diamond, Shine Like a Pearl, Nothing Compares to a Delta Zeta Girl
  • I’m in Love WIth This CrΔΖy Beautiful Life
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink & Green
  • Teach Me How to ΔΖ
  • Get CrΔΖy
  • Keep Calm and Get Your Rose & Green On
  • We’re Pretty in Pink ~ Be Green With Envy
  • To the World You May Be Just Another Girl, But to ΔΖ Baby You Are the World
  • You Had Me at Turtle 
  • Feel the Flame, Go Dee Zee

❀ from: Sayings By Chapter for the 26 NPC Sororities

Hi there! I took two littles this semester (yay!) and while I have a general idea of what one paddle will look like, I still can't decide on my other little's paddle. She's very active in Shakespeare in the Park but not theater. I was thinking of trying to paint the Globe Theater on the back of her paddle but I'm not sure what else. Any suggestions?

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The Comedy and Tragedy Masks are often associated with Shakespeare and you could embellish them with lots of artistic flourishes. They would be ideal for the back of your little’s paddle. 


An appropriate quote would also fit your theme perfectly…



hi! My ADPi chapter is redecorating our big letters, and we're thinking of trying to incorporate the Ronald McDonald House in some way. Have you seen any with like the red and yellow themes or something like that? thanks! pi love from USD! <>

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How fun! I think if you use the Ronald McDonald red and gold colors, with some ADPi blue mixed in, you can create some very dramatic lawn letters. I would pick a favorite pattern, like chevron or stripes and then use a RMH logo motif through out. The holding hands logo is popular, or even better the hands throwing the ADPi diamond <>. You could combine that with an Alphie in the red, gold and blue colors. Or, each letter could be a different color ~ one red, one gold and one blue with matching or different motifs. For philanthropy letters, also consider adding a “figure” or special cut-out. Like a Ronald McDonald character, or the RM house.  xoxo ;) 

• Inspiration for your letters ~ 


• Inspiration from other chapters ~ 


These ADPi letters were decorated with pop tops ~ 


Inspiration for the all-over motif design idea ~ 


• To see a zillion lawn letter design ideas, search the sorority sugar blog with the key words: GO BIG!