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So I'm painting my first cooler, and I have sanded the cooler and primed it. I've even started to paint it, but I'm noticing that the cooler seems rough. Did I do something wrong?

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It sounds like you did not sand properly before priming. It’s a good idea to use a heavy grit sandpaper to get the finish off and a fine grit sandpaper for smoothing. You most likely did not complete the “smoothing” step. You may need to start over and re-sand until the finish is smooth. SInce this is your first cooler, consider it your “test run” and a way for you to work out the bugs. xoxo ;)

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hi! okay so I'm currently in the process of making my first cooler and I was wondering, what exactly is the purpose of modge podge and is it absolutely necessary to use? thank you so much!! xoxo

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The Mod Podge helps seal the primer and paint between coats. The experts in The Cooler Connection Group swear by Mod Podge and it is always recommended to use in abundance. It’s a miracle product. You want to seal, seal, seal to protect your artwork from pealing off, flaking off, being scuffed off during use, waterproofing, etc…….. 

I have detailed Cooler Painting Instructions compiled from all the best sources! Double check them for the best Mod Podge methods. And if you need catchy quotes for your cooler, link here for Top 58 Sayings for Greek Coolers! xoxo ;)