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Hi! I'm a Sigma Phi Lambda and my boyfriend is an Alpha Tau Omega. His birthday is at the end of the month and I wanted to make him a cooler. Is that just something reserved for formals or can it extend to different events? Thank you and Lamb Love! ❤️🐑

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Coolers can be painted for ANY event! Formals, weekend trips, big/little, horse racing, birthdays and other special occasions. The design doesn’t have to say happy birthday. That would limit its use. I would suggest making your boyfriend a cool fraternity/personal themed cooler, so he can enjoy it anytime.  

I post mostly sorority coolers on my blog, but The Cooler Connection Group on Facebook has lots & lots of “guy” cooler inspiration. You can get ideas for themes, “guy” interests, techniques, products, etc… You want to focus on your boyfriend’s favorite things, hobbies, greek insignia, drinks, hometown region (like the south) and favorite brands like Vineyard Vines or Southern Proper. Make a list of all the things that represent who he is and then find the logos online to print and trace. Fonts are also very important to trace. 

For the sorority sugar Ultimate Guide to Cooler Crafting, great cooler sayings and more ~ please go to my FAQ PAGE and scroll down to the cooler painting section of LINKS. xoxo ;)


Which mod podge do I use on my cooler after I have primed it? Spray or paint on?

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I believe standard paint-on Mod Podge is best on coolers between layers for extra durability. I’m not familiar with using the spray kind and I would be hesitant to recommend it. You could test a small section and compare the results before doing the entire cooler. 

For more information on cooler crafting and lots of tips on specific products, visit The Cooler Connection on Facebook. Lots of daily insider discussions there! xoxo ;)