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sorority Q&A: having advisor problems…

Q: Can I get some advice on having a chapter advisor removed? My sorority’s advisor and president have destroyed our sisterhood and have made it no secret that they gossip about all of the girls on the phone late at night. We are hoping that removing the advisor will also improve the situation with the president (or at least provide hope for underclassmen) but don’t know how to go about it. Please help!

A: In any organization, you should follow the chain of command. By respecting the organizational chart, you don’t jump over anyone’s head right away. So you would go to your advisor’s supervisor first. If you don’t get results, then you would move up the ladder to the next level. In a sorority you will probably reach your national HQ pretty quickly. But you should go through the proper channels to get there. 

To tackle a issue like this these are some basic steps you can take ~

  • First, organize your “case” with facts and examples. You can’t bring a complaint against an advisor based just on gossip. You need to be mature and organized in your presentation.
  • If possible, check your Bylaws to see what the official procedure is for handling something like this. Best to follow your organizational guidelines if you can.
  • Make sure your emails/phone calls are professional and to the point. Don’t ramble on about every slight. Pick the most serious problems and tackle them directly. 
  • Try to keep things on a professional level and not overly personal. You will have better results if you emphasis the unprofessional behavior of this advisor, not get into bashing her personality. 

Not every advisor is perfect and sometimes action needs to be taken. By telling your organization about the problems which are hurting your sisterhood, you are doing the right thing. Just make sure it’s not seen as a vendetta against this woman. After you have made your report to the leaders in your sorority, let them handle it from there. Hopefully this can be cleared up soon. xoxo ;)

Do you know what establishing a chapter is like? A new sorority is coming to my school and recruiting this fall and I want to know what I'll be getting into if I get a bid from them.

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Launching a new chapter is meaningful, challenging, rewarding, history making, bonding, positive, exhilarating, difficult, exciting and something to be very proud of. If you join, you will be establishing your chapter reputation on campus and setting your sorority traditions for years to come. You will also receive an excellent learning experience in ~ marketing, people management, sisterhood unity, public relations, recruiting, campus politics, advertising, negotiations, team building, leadership and much more… 

If you want an a new adventure, hands on experience and the pride of being a founding member, then please consider the new chapter on campus. You should find it very satisfying! xoxo ;)

rush talk: knowing which sorority is the right one…

Q: I know you cannot reveal your letters in the interest of being unbiased, but how did you pick your sorority? What was the final thing that made you pick abc over xyz?

A: That’s a great question. I think I had a very typical recruitment experience. There was some chapters that I didn’t click with at all. Then there were several that I liked in the “middle” range. But I couldn’t help but have a favorite top pick of course. I remember really liking my 2nd Preference Night sorority as well, but they just weren’t quite my favorite.

Since I was lucky to have a solid 2nd choice, I have wondered ~ what if I had pledged the other sorority? Would my experience have been totally different? I will never know. I was lucky to receive a bid from my #1 choice and the chapter I considered the best on campus. In my opinion they were the greatest all around. I loved their ‘sugar,’ the girls were friendly and attractive, they had a strong reputation on campus and I was proud to be a XYZ. Being in the sorority I pledged was the highlight of my college days. 

Thinking back, I don’t remember one thing in particular that made me prefer them, it was an overall feeling of liking them the most in each area. They felt like a natural fit and I was smitten. I know my overall impression was that they were a fun-loving sisterhood and that was very appealing. I adored the sisters I spoke to. And I was so flattered they wanted me in return.

But that said, I would have not have been devastated had I received a bid from my 2nd choice instead. They were both desirable chapters. That’s an ideal place for any PNM to be in after Pref Night. Hoping for your top pick, but honestly OK with your 2nd pick if that happens. I was lucky enough to have two wonderful options at the end of recruitment. Then on bid day i was blessed to get my #1! xoxo ;)