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What do you think of the Miss America hazing scandel? What is Panhelenic doing to prevent hazing? Should PNMs be concerned?

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I think that the new Miss America Kira Kazantsev participated in negative behavior which her Alpha Phi sorority determined was inappropriate. She was “kicked out” of the chapter because of it. That tells me the sorority was on top of things and gave her the ultimate punishment for breaking the rules. From what I’ve read, Kira sent a warning email to new members (jokingly) and then took part in asking them to recite chapter facts and do menial tasks until the pledges were exhausted. No one was injured, but the experience was not appropriate for Alpha Phi, or the new members. 

The executive director of Alpha Phi Linda Kahangi said, "Alpha Phi is, and always has been, a values based organization that has no tolerance for hazing in any form. The Theta Mu chapter of Alpha Phi at Hofstra is no exception; they have shown responsibility in addressing inappropriate behavior by individual members to ensure a positive chapter culture."

It is really sad to think a sister would do something unpleasant towards her fellow sisters. It’s not often that these things happen in sororities. But if members ever feel uncomfortable, they should immediately say something. As in the Alpha Phi case, the issue will be dealt with swiftly and sternly. Alpha Phi did the right thing by imposing a zero tolerance policy. 

There are “rule breakers” in every walk of life. A student can be treated poorly on a sports team, in the dorms, or in a sorority. All Panhellenics offer frequent anti-hazing education programs and no-hazing messages on every campus. Organizations can preach and preach, but occasionally there are rogue members who do negative things. With the threat of loosing your sorority membership completely if you haze, I hope Miss America’s story will stop others from doing harmful things! There is no point in loosing your greek affiliation for life, and hurt the reputation of your chapter, just to yell at some new members or make them loose sleep. Dumb - dumb. xoxo ;)