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❉ PNM prepping for recruitment summer or fall! ❉

Whether you are participating in sorority recruitment this coming fall or next spring, there are things you can do to prepare for a successful rush. Make sure you are the BEST potential new member (PNM) you can be!!

❉ SUMMER before fall rush: 

  • Work a summer job: This helps with your people skills, shows responsibility and earns some extra cash for sorority expenses. 
  • Travel and experience new things: Having adventures during the summer gives you plenty of conversation points for recruitment rounds. It also expands your horizons and opens your mind to new things.
  • Take a summer course: Keep learning and growing. Whether it’s for college credit, or just for fun, stay engaged, creative and focused. 
  • Show your leadership: Become a camp counselor, teach art classes, work as a tutor, etc. Sororities are looking for leaders and doers. Don’t be a summer couch potato. 
  • Volunteer: Every NPC chapter is dedicated to philanthropy work. If you have not volunteered in HS, now is the time to start! Serve at your local animal shelter, food bank, senior center, library or any other worthwhile charity in your community. 
  • Personal improvement: Only you know the areas that need a “tune up”. Does your hair need a treatment? Do you need to loose a few pounds? Is your wardrobe down and out? Make an honest assessment of your outward image and see what needs elevating to the ‘well-groomed’ level. You don’t need to be a supermodel ~ just your BEST self in all areas. Start at the top of your head and work your way down to your toes. This includes: hair style & condition, skin care, make up, nails, weight & tone, clothing & shoes, hair removal, teeth/breath health and anything else that is visible to others. Your total package should be fine-tuned over the summer!
  • Practice your conversation skills: The key to recruitment success is the ability to connect with other girls and project your personality in an appealing way. Practice making small talk, review PNM questions to ask during rounds, establish your ‘personal story’ and have your talking points organized in your mind. You need to be prepared, but not too ‘rehearsed’. Prep like you would for a big job interview. Never go into recruitment cold. 
  • Do your research: Visit your panhellenic council website and read everything about greek life on your future campus. Being informed decreases nervousness. Visit the different chapter websites and facebook pages too. Getting familiar with the chapters, seeing what they do and what they look like ~ helps you feel more secure during rush. Information is power. You will feel less nervous and more confident if you have a general outline of each sorority. But don’t pre-select any choices! Only during recruitment can you really decide which chapters fit you best. 
  • Stay on top of your paperwork: Be a timely PNM with no hassles or problems. Get your application in on time. include a fabulous photo. Be neat and organized. Double check your forms. make sure your recommendation letters are mailed on time. Have your legacy status included if it applies. Project a polished and low maintenance image from the beginning. Don’t ask for special favors and cause headaches for the panhellenic council. You do not want to be the “problem PNM” going into rounds.
  • Shopping is the best part: You will probably need a few new fashions for recruitment. Summer is the best time to get your rushwear purchased. Shop sales, look for bargains and buy the most flattering styles/colors. Please follow the panhellenic guidelines for each round. Every recruitment has its line-up of casual to dressy clothing as the week goes on. This is not the time to ‘buck the system’ with the dress code. If you are asked to wear a luncheon dress, don’t show up in a sequined nightclub frock. Don’t let your clothes wear you. Instead, let them be a picture frame for your inner beauty! Also, now is not the time to wear clothes that are totally not your style. If you’ve never worn a Lilly or vineyard Vines dress before, don’t pose as the stereotypical sorority girl. Rush is not the time to dress in costume, or pretend to be someone you’re not. Be the best version of YOU. 

❉ FALL semester before spring rush:

  • Get to know your campus greeks: In addition to all the summer activites listed above, if you don’t rush until the spring, let the first semester be your learning lab! You have the added benefit of seeing what each chapter is like “in action” before you join. Keep an eye on their events, presence on campus, reputation, image, friendliness, etc. Reach out and meet some greeks in your classes, attend a few parties and participate in a fundraiser. All of these things give you an inside look at what membership will be like in those organizations. Keep your eyes and ears open fall semester and then make your own evaluation of where you fit in. Befriending greeks the first semester will help you greatly in the spring. 
  • Keep those grades up: Keeping a high GPA is a must! If you don’t reach the recruitment minimum, you will be left out in the cold come spring semester. Even if you were a top HS student, if you don’t excel in college, you will not be able to rush. Ideally, you need to go above the minimum 2.5. many chapters screen out PNMs via low GPAs. Be higher than the minimum. 3.0 and above is recommended. 
  • Join other groups: Show your eagerness and school spirit by getting involved your first semester. Greek girls are active types, so you should join a sport, club, special interest group, school paper ~ whatever interests you. This puts you out there and helps in networking with sorority members. Don’t sit in your dorm room and wait for spring rush. Get active on campus, try new activites and meet lots of new people. You can’t be invisible your first semester. Staying busy also helps with homesickness! 
  • Keep your reputation sterling: It’s tempting to cut loose and go crazy your first semester away from home. Don’t do it! You do not want to be the drunken, party hound, loose woman with a bad reputation going into recruitment. Despite the hollywood stereotypes, most chapters do not want girls-gone-wild sisters in their chapter. Drinking to excess, taking drugs, cat fighting with other girls, sleeping around, dancing on tables and making a spectacle of yourself is NOT the way into greek life. Chapters will not pledge a girl who is a known standards problem. Keep your reputation in tip top shape. 
  • Watch your personal grooming: Without mom around to do your laundry, eating fattening foods in the cafeteria, some extra beer drinking and no one to bug you about exercising ~ some first semester freshman can go downhill fast. Stay disciplined and take care of yourself! Keep your image polished and stay fit. Light exercise and healthy eating habits are important for a PNM. 
  • Rushwear adjustment: If you don’t rush until spring semester, you will not need all the shorts and sundresses required for an August recruitment. “Spring” formal rush is usually in the winter and pretty cold. Adjust your wardrobe accordingly. You may need to shop for some cute leather boots and an adorable jacket instead. 

Fall or Spring rush takes some dedicated PNM prepping. But by being on top of your game, you can increase your chances for sorority success! Be your BEST self ~ and you will pledge a terrific chapter and enjoy sisterhood for life!! xoxo ;)


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