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Interested to hear what you think about snap bids. I registered to rush this semester and dropped before rush even began. On bid day I got a snap bid. I did not accept it because I did not find it to be at all genuine. What are your thoughts?

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snap bids are very genuine. they are another way for a chapter to fill their membership quota. there are certain rules for snap bids, but as long as they are followed, the process can work! 

the chapter which offered you a bid still had a spot open come bid day, they knew you were interested in sorority life before rush started, so they extended the offer to “snap you up”. had you accepted, you would have become a new member, just like all the others.

there are different paths to greek life… formal, informal, continuous  open, snap… the ways are not better or worse ~ just different. i hope you will consider recruitment again in the future. i think you will love it! xoxo ;)