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✿ all-girl panhel mixers ✿

✿ 10 sorority + sorority mixer ideas

  • Play tourist ~ find the most touristy attraction in your area. Ask all the girls to dress as tacky tourists and take lots of photos as you enjoy the amusement park, festival or museum. 
  • Dare devil ~ try indoor skydiving, go kart racing, zip lining or other adrenaline inducing activity. Doing something exciting and new should increase attendance.
  • Dance divas ~ schedule an evening at the dance studio (or have an instructor come to you) learning ball room dancing, the Charleston, belling dancing, or swing dancing. Wear accessories that match the era of your chosen dance. A 20’s boardwalk empire/Great Gatsby theme would be fun.
  • Fondue party ~ if you can rent/collect enough fondue pots, or dine at a fondue restaurant ~ a fondue dinner is tasty fun. Dress 70’s style and combine with retro music and the screening of a 70’s movie.
  • Make-over mixer ~  depending on your budget, schedule several make-up artists to do makeovers for the sisters. Or, you can screen YouTube make-over videos, and have the girls follow along, doing their own make up. It’s BYOM (bring your own makeup). Combine with girly food & drink.
  • Wineglass painting ~ crafting is fun when you focus on one special project. Decorate wine glasses, and award silly prizes for different categories. Have an artistic sister lead the group in the best techniques and tips. This idea would work well for a cooler/jug painting party too. 
  • Camp out ~ host a camping evening without spending the night! Set up your mixer at a local park or campground. Cook dinner over the fire pit, roast marshmallows, sing songs and tell ghost stories. Avoid sleeping in a tent, by returning to campus at the end of the evening.
  • Grillin’ gridiron girls ~ combine social time with learning how to cook on a grill. Have a skilled grill cook instruct the group, and follow with a BBQ dinner. Combine with learning all about football rules from a gridiron expert. 
  • Flea market finds ~ if you have a monthly flea market or antique show in your area, you can make a fun game out of it! Divide the 2 sororities into mixed member teams. Give each team a small budget to buy the coolest or weirdest item they can find. Hold a blind vote afterwards to determine the winning team. Add a ‘photo scavenger hunt’ to the event by giving each team a list of odd items, and see how many of them they can find by taking a picture. 
  • Faux bachelorette party ~ pretend that one sister is getting married and you are out to celebrate. Take turns being “the fake bride” and wearing a veil. Play crazy bachelorette party games (there are lots of examples online). wear bachelorette party buttons & tee shirts.  

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