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rush talk: take the snap bid?

Q: i was violently sick for preference night of spring formal recruitment, and missed the parties, and so I have to go to the greek life office this week to get my bid. however i already know that i got a bid from the house i don’t care for at all (i’m not comfortable there for multiple reasons). and i didn’t get a bid from the house i love and felt at home at because i missed preference. however, they say they can still give me a snap bid. i was considering going to the office and withdrawing before i get my bid officially because, as far as I understand it, once i reject or accept a bid i can’t rush for a calendar year. if i withdraw before i get the bid, could i do fall informal? and regardless of what i do, what would happen with the potential snap bid, how does that work? ~ sugarandlace

A: if the house you love offered you a snap bid ~ TAKE IT ASAP! snap bids are offered by chapters right after bid day, if they have not made their quota. they can still offer a spot to a PNM because they have not reached their target number. they are saying they have an opening, and they want to “snap you up”. immediately accept their offer and all your other issues go away because you don’t have to rush again later. 

if for some reason you want or have to rush again ~ you should promptly decline both bids, and then look into your options. you may be bound by the one year rule. if you can accept the snap bid, great, if not then you will need to follow your panhellenic guidelines.

* P.S. * the rules for snap bids can be tricky and depend on when you “stopped” during the rush process. please read this great follow up information from imonlygoodatbeingyoung ~ 

"depending on the specific schools panhellenic bylaws, once a bid card has been issued you would not be eligible for a snap bid. for example at my school if you receive a bid to any chapter you are not eligible to be snapped by any chapter and that pnm cannot participate in recruitment for a full calendar year, regardless of whether or not you physically open the envelope. as a pnm you would need to drop out of recruitment before ranking chapters on preference night. thats how it worked at my school when i was the recruitment chair, and i would assume that most panhellenic councils follow similar rules."