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❀ sorority 101: recruitment themes

Q: i was recently nominated for recruitment chair and i was wondering if you had any theme ideas?

A: With recruitment right around the corner, it’s a good time for a new theme list! When you are brainstorming ideas, it’s helpful to think in categories ~ such as fairytales, food, movies, etc. Another tip is to use the same font, logo, mascot or slogan from a famous brand, and blend it with your sorority name. It immediately makes your theme recognizable. Also, browse sorority sugar for lots of fab ideas from every chapter!


  • Events: kentucky derby, olympics, new york fashion week, carnival, circus, movie premier/red carpet, academy awards, mardi gras, state fair, woodstock, luau, safari, rock concert, fiesta, airplane/travel, tailgating, picnic, art gallery/art studio, masquerade, tiki, NFL superbowl, baseball world series. 
  • Fashion: tiffany, vogue, polo ralph lauren, southern tide, southern proper, in style magazine, chanel, nike, victoria’s secret, lilly pulitzer, kate spade, louis vuitton, pearls, bows, charm bracelet, nautical, preppy, izod, glamour magazine, D&G, vineyard vines. 
  • Places: paris, in the city, london, tropical paradise, wild things/jungle, disneyland, NYC, ‘merica, wild west, french riviera, under the sea/mermaids, grecian/toga, royal palace, castle, disco, butterfly/flower garden, summer camp, beach, shipwrecked, medieval times, let it snow, camping out.  
  • Decades: roaring 20’s, nifty 50’s, mod or hippie 60’s, disco 70’s, rockin’ 80’s, grease, pink ladies, 50’s sock hop, 50’s soda fountain, 40’s big band, futuristic/sci fi.
  • Colors & patterns: pink, purple, blue, green, red, sorority colors, zebra print, polka dots, chevron, paisley, black & white, mad for plaid, flower power, madras, argyle, houndstooth, grosgrain, stripes, glitter, diamonds, sparkle, hearts, tie dye.
  • Movies & TV shows: harry potter, hunger games, mad men, survivor, price is right, legally blonde, breakfast at tiffany’s, bridesmaids, amazing race, project runway, america’s next top model, marie antoinette, steel magnolias, once upon a time, the voice, say yes to the dress, charlie’s angels, moulin rouge, american idol, x factor, dancing with the stars, toddlers & tiaras, fashion police, E!, scooby-doo, little miss sunshine.
  • Fantasy: alice in wonderland, wizard of oz, disney princesses, fairies, sleeping beauty, cinderella’s castle, minnie mouse, bumble bees, angels, barbie dream house, lady bugs, tangled, spy 007, nancy drew, pirate, gypsy, mad hatter, magic. 
  • Food: cupcakes, candy, sweet treats, candyland, willie wonka, ice cream cones, pink lemonade/lemonade stand, in-n-out burger.
  • Social media: twitter, facebook, instagram, itunes, pinterest, you tube, tumblr.

❀ sorority sugar “been there ~ done that” list: the new bids on the block, ‘merica and tiffany themes have been done the most. Think outside the box and create something new for your next recruitment!


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