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I am going through recruitment next week and I just got information about the outfits to wear for each round. What is "snappy casual attire"?

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i love the term “snappy casual” and i answered another follower about this earlier in my fan mail. i should have posted it!

snappy casual used to be called “business casual” but that sounds like office attire. it’s more dressy than shorts & a tee shirt, but less fancy than a cocktail dress. a nice sundress with strappy sandals, a pretty skirt & blouse, a classy pair of trousers & attractive shirt with jewelry - are all examples of dressy/casual. what you would wear to an afternoon party or to meet your boyfriend’s parents. of course a lilly pulitzer dress and a good pair of shoes would be a prime example. 

so, no cut-offs or jeans and no sequins or 4 inch heels. go classy casual! <3 <3