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sorority 101: be your best self from head to toe

sorority sugar is always advising PNMs to “be your best self” during recruitment events. this means inside and out! you don’t need a lot of money to be a well-groomed young woman. you just need an attention to detail. look your finest for upcoming house tours, information events and rush. first impressions DO count! (of course active sorority members may use these tips too…)


  • Zap those roots! Please make a trip to the hair salon before recruitment and eliminate the stripe down your hairline. It does show. 
  • Natural daytime hair style please. This is not the time for a formal up-do or overworked tresses. 
  • You don’t need pricey salon products to have healthy hair. Clean, trimmed and conditioned will present the best image.
  • Keep the make up daytime fresh! Recruitment is not a night of clubbing. A light foundation, easy eye make-up, blush and a lipgloss are all you need to look like yourself and not a Vogue model. 
  • No chewing gum! Pop a breath mint between rounds, but no gum allowed. 
  • Limit earrings to ladylike posts/studs. You can’t go wrong with classic styles in gold, silver or pearls. No giant hoops, multiple dangles or severe styles. 
  • If you are unsure about some of your body piercings, it’s ok to not accent them during rush. You don’t need to be covered in studs.
  • Do not forget the antiperspirant/deodorant.
  • Shave your underarms even if you’re not wearing a sleeveless dress. Underarm stubble can be seen through a short sleeve armhole too. 
  • Deciding between wearing your contacts or glasses? Go with the contacts. Glasses often put up a barrier between people and limits eye contact. 
  • If you are insecure about your acne or another visible problem, start treatment before recruitment. This will make you feel more self assured and confident. 
  • Lotion those rough elbows!
  • Some girls have facial hair, don’t be embarrassed, get that mustache waxed!
  • Go easy on the perfume, or none at all. Imagine a room full of 100 girls, all with a different fragrance. It can be nauseating. Freshly showered with fragrance free soap is all you need. 
  • No bangle stacks or noisy charm bracelets! Even though they are very fashionable, a day of clinking and clanking is really annoying. Save them for later.
  • Nails should be clean, neat and natural. No dragonlady fake nails, themes or bejeweled. Pastel polish, clear or a french manicure looks best. You can do it yourself, or visit a modest priced salon. Please no ragged cuticles.
  • Undergarments do make a difference! Asses your wardrobe choices and wear the required underwear. If you need a strapless bra - wear one - nothing is worse than bra straps showing when they shouldn’t. Dirty bra straps being the ultimate no-no. Please no panty lines or bulges in the wrong places either. With all the spanks type products, there is no excuse for letting it all hang out.
  • An old-fashioned 1/2 slip can make a dress look 100% better. Keep it in mind.
  • Is it that “time of the month”? Make sure you have plenty of supplies, so you feel secure and confident. Overdo the feminine maintenance, and avoid an accident. 
  • Legs should be shaved, not nicked and smoothed with lotion.
  • Fake tanning to an unattractive orange shade is not recommended. Take a walk, get a light, natural glow, and just be yourself. Fake bake or fake spray tans always look fake.
  • Your feet and shoes are one of the most important parts of your rush experience! Days are long, with lots of standing and walking required. Do not break in a brand new pair of shoes during this time. Select attractive, but comfortable shoes that won’t kill your feet. 4” heels are not appropriate. A kitten heel, wedge or open toe sandals are all styles that won’t leave you crying.
  • Don’t forget your toes. A pedicure is a must. A happy color on your toes is ok, even if your fingernails are clear. Avoid black, jewels, or wild designs that will be distracting. 
  • A watch and a simple necklace is fine, but don’t overdo the accessories. Your cell phone is not an accessory. During a house tour or rounds, you should never be texting or on the phone. No ipods or laptops either. All your attention should be on the sororities. 
  • Carry a cute handbag instead of a backpack. Backpacks are fine for college classes, but they do not compliment your rush attire. Make sure your purse and shoes are not be scuffed, worn at the heels or have holes. You can easily find designer brands less at Marshall’s, TJMaxx or shop online at sites such as Bluefly or Overstock.
  • Whether casual or dressy, your fashions should be like-new, clean, pressed and stylish. Please nothing extreme. No super mini skirts, no plunging v-necks, no backless, no wrinkled pieces just pulled from the bottom drawer. Sorority recruitment is not a night club or a saturday morning with friends. Think about what you would wear to your best friend’s birthday party or bridal shower. 
  • Some sorority recruitments are very casual, but sweatpants are still not a good choice. If jeans are acceptable on your campus, make sure they are clean, no holes and not chewed up at the hem. Jeans can look really sharp with a colorful shirt and a sharp blazer or cardigan. 
  • Be your finest from head to toe and let your personality SHINE through! Rush will be a successful experience for you! 


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