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Sisterhood retreats can vary in length, time & location, but all should include some fun games and sisterhood bonding exercises ~ plus special entertainment!

THINGS TO INCLUDE in a retreat: fun icebreakers, chapter time together, break-out groups, a special craft or activity, bonding activities, entertainment, sorority education session, sharing and quiet time, singing and inspiration, learning new chapter songs/chants, delicious meals, fun exercise and lots of spirit building!

These location and theme ideas will work for a individual class retreat or a full chapter event:


  • Theme weekend retreat ~ complete with costumes, decorations, skits & games. For example a weekend at Hogwarts, Whoville, Never-Never Land, Barbie dream house, Disney princess castle, Woodstock, Oz, Western ranch, etc.
  • Water world retreat ~ book a river cruise, lake cruise, harbor cruise, cabins at the lake, fishing & tubing on the river, beach weekend, hiking & camping by a local waterfall, or book an event facility with an extra nice swimming pool. Relax and bond around the water.
  • Happy & healthy retreat ~ rent out a gymnastics center or gym for a day of exercise and bonding. Have yoga instructor, Pilates, or Zumba teacher lead a class. Invite a nutritionalist to speak to the chapter about healthy eating. Have the girls make organic ‘homemade’ beauty products. Serve fresh fruit smoothies and build-your-own-salads.
  • Amusement park retreat ~ nothing beats a chapter retreat at Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, 6 flags, or Sea World. Aquariums, historical sights, botanical gardens, islands and resorts can also be fun. Include a photo scavenger hunt and play bonding games in the amusement park.
  • Museum & art retreat ~ spend time at your favorite art museum or art gallery in town. Include an art search game that requires teams to work together to locate certain pieces of art. A large Natural History Museum is also an interesting retreat location. For an art activity ~ invite an artist to give the chapter painting lessons (or go to a studio). Everyone paints a sorority still life of your symbols and flowers. Afterward, host an art themed dinner, which showcases your sorority ‘art show’.  
  • Day at the zoo retreat ~ divide the group into animal teams complete with animal ears and/or costumes. Play bonding games throughout the zoo. Book a behind the scenes tour, or special animal feeding experience. Have a sorority picnic with box lunches. Take lots of photos with the animals. 
  • Sporty retreat ~ go sporty with a day at your local minor league baseball field (or hockey, soccer, football, basketball). Wear team tee shirts, eat hot dogs and cheer the team to victory. If you can, arrange to meet the team before or after the game. If the team is having a special fundraiser, or philanthropy event, have the chapter participate. This could be a nice publicity opportunity for the sorority. You may be able to arrange for a sister to sing the national anthem too.
  • Center stage retreat ~ plan a theater themed retreat! Take in a popular musical, broadway show, dramatic play, ballet production, movie premier, concert, or fashion show. Arrange to meet the cast, band, or dancers backstage. Theme your retreat around the show you will be seeing. Host a meal and play bonding activities related to your entertainment theme. 
  • Lockdown retreat ~ spend 12 hours in your own sorority house on lockdown. Host the ultimate slumber party! Watch chick flicks, organize a board game tournament, make fruity blender drinks, order takeout food, give each other facials, and enjoy trust building/bonding activities. 
  • Chocoholic retreat ~ all chocolate all weekend. Make your retreat all about chocolate. chocolate chip waffles, pancakes, cupcakes & cookies, chocolate shakes, brownies, candy, etc. Who can resist? Craft  ’sorority houses’ out of chocolate, play chocolate trivia games, experiment with crazy chocolate recipes, host a blindfolded chocolate tasting contest. The creative chocolate ideas are numerous! 


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