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So I have to be gone for the first two weekends that rushing happens at my school, does that mean I can't rush?

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Unfortunately if you can’t BE at rush, you can’t be a part of it! There are no “make-up tests” or “re-dos.” Formal recruitment normally happens during a 5-7 day period where all the PNMs must participate in a scheduled series of organized events. You must talk with the sisters, evaluate each chapter and determine if you can make a match. Even if your recruitment is ‘informal’ this fall, as a PNM, you still must attend the socials. If the sisters can’t meet you, they can’t determine if you have potential to be a lifelong sister. 

If you can switch your schedule to accommodate recruitment, you won’t regret it! A few days invested in the process will launch you into greek life for the rest of college. If this fall is impossible, then look to spring recruitment at your university. One semester will be formal and one semester will be informal. You can join a sorority through either process. I hope you can rearrange your commitments to go greek as soon as possible! xoxo ;)

So I'm going into my freshman year this coming fall and plan on rushing. Whats the typical sorority recruitment strategy (I can't think of a better word) that I can expect?

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Sororities are looking for bright, happy, positive PNMs who match their sisterhood in personality, outlook and lifestyle. The strategy is to evaluate PNMs as they come through their doors and determine if they are sisterhood material for the chapter. This is done through your PNM application, your qualifications, recommendation letters, legacy status and most importantly the face to face conversations you will have with the sisters at each house. The sisters will rotate around so lots of them can get to know you. After many rounds, both sides will know if it’s meant to be!

Basically rush week is a series of interviews where you shine and the chapters decide if you are for them. It’s also like auditioning for a play. Sometimes you’re perfect for the part, and other times it’s not a good fit. Nothing personal, just not a match. You are “applying” for the position of new member. Both sides work hard to impress each other and in the end, you will hopefully receive a bid to your favorite chapter! 

You can expect lots & lots of talking, cute skits and entertainment, lots of chanting, clapping and excitement. Recruitment is a very unique experience. You will feel extremely welcomed and pampered as a PNM, so enjoy every moment! xoxo ;)

can you rush when you're a sophomore or is it only for freshmen??

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Even thought the majority of girls rush as freshman, you can certainly rush as a sophomore, junior, or senior. Sometimes even grad students participate in recruitment. And some chapters offer adults first time membership post graduation. As a sophomore you are more than OK to jump into recruitment and see if greek life is for you. NOW is the time! xoxo ;)

"As fast as each opportunity presents itself, use it! No matter how tiny an opportunity it may be, use it!" ~ Robert Collier

"Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor." ~ H. J. Brown, Jr.

sorority Q&A: rejoining a chapter…

Q: My grades weren’t good enough, and I wound up being unable to be initiated into my sorority. I spoke with my chapter’s president, and she said that if my grades were good enough, I could possibly rejoin after the coming semester. Do you know how often this occurs? Or how likely a possibility this is? 

A: There are some uncertainties about your situation, but basically it sounds like you can rejoin spring semester ~ if I’m reading your message correctly. That’s on the condition that your GPA has raised to an acceptable level. Since you were never initiated, you left the chapter as a “new member.” Next spring you are probably eligible to rush again as a PNM once more.

Maybe your college has informal recruitment at that time, and your previous sorority can offer you a bid pretty easily. I am assuming you will need to go through some sort of pledging process once more. It can be done, since you never went active. You are also free to join a different sorority if you wish. You’re still a PNM and you have the freedom to participate in recruitment again (if it’s been 1 year since last time.) 

After everyone is back on campus, you should contact your past President, or the new President, and ASK what you should do. Explain what happened, what was said at the time and ask for guidance on what to do next. Don’t be shy! If the chapter says you should participate in rush again, you can look forward to registering. Or, maybe your old chapter will have a relaxed open bidding system where you can re-join with no hassle. Every sorority handles these things a little differently…..

One way or the other, you need to have the facts and know how to handle this. If you don’t get any answers from your former chapter, you can then contact your panhellenic council and inquire about your eligibility to rush again. I recommend you take the initiative in this situation. Clarify what the procedures are and work towards them. Keep those grades up and make sure your GPA doesn’t dip down again. You can definitely make a comeback from this and enjoy greek life once more! xoxo ;)

Do you need letters of recommendation during recruitment?

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NO ~ letters are not dealt with "during" recruitment. All letters must be mailed or submitted before rush starts. Schools will have deadline of 2-4 weeks before recruitment begins for all letters received. So if you are rushing this fall/August it’s nearing the time for rec letters to be completed. But while you are participating in rush, there is nothing that happens with the letters from a PNM’s standpoint. You are done with them by that time. xoxo ;)

{If your question means does a PNM need rec letters “FOR” recruitment, then it depends on the college. Some require them and some don’t. The instructions either way should be in the Recruitment Handbook, or the Panhel website.}