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To the lady who's pledging as a junior, and is worried she is at a disadvantage for finding a good big-little match: I pledged my fraternity as a junior, and ended up with a big brother who is one year younger than me, and things worked out great. Keep in mind that even though you might be older age-wise, you are still a "freshman" inside your house, so your big will have plenty of wisdom, and experience to help guide you through your pledge semester, and beyond!

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Thank you for the fraternity perspective! Big/little matches of younger and older happen in all greek houses. Outstanding advice for “older” new members preparing to be matched with a younger Big! XOXO ;)

Over the summer, I was really on the fence about rushing. But with doing research (especially with your blog!), I've decided that I'm going to rush as a sophomore this spring. And today, I had my first glance at sorority life when I went to lunch with a friend at her sorority house. I really loved all of the girls I met and the house itself and the whole vibe; I'm actually going to another even soon. I'm so glad I decided to give sorority life a chance and I have you to give a huge thanks to!

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THANK YOU so much! I hope I’m a good influence on PNMs who are considering going greek. And I am happy that you saw a good example of what it’s like to be in a sorority. Excellent! I wish you all the best in your journey towards going greek….. XOXO ;)


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I am a new member and a junior. Most of the girls in my pledge class are meeting and hanging out with the sisters because it is almost time for big/little but I'm afraid none of the sisters will want me as a little since I am older than most of them. Is there anything I can do to make everything a little less awkward? I'm so excited to be a member of my sorority and I want the best possible experience.

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Big/little matches come in ALL ages! Most of the awkwardness is only in your head. It doesn’t have to be a “reality” unless you act that way. Put the age difference out of your mind. Your sorority offered you a bid, so they felt you fit in with your pledge class and the entire chapter. You have to get over your weird feeling about having a younger Big. If not, it might start to negatively effect the bonding with your sisters. 

You could have a sophomore, a junior, or a senior Big. It’s possible that your big sister will be your own age or even older. So don’t panic. And if she ends up being a sophomore, so what? Friends are friends. You need to act young, happy and enthusiastic about being a new member ~ no matter what. Push the nervousness aside and just ACT confident. The feelings will follow. Start making friends like the other new members are, so you too can make a wonderful big/little match. Don’t let the other girls snag all the good Bigs!

You are just as special and important as any freshman in your class. Don’t let your uncertainties and mind games stand in the way of a happy greek experience. Age is only what you make of it. Get out there and start connecting with more sisters today. You are in control of how you feel and how you act within your sorority. Take charge and enjoy your new member semester to the fullest! xoxo ;)

"I often feel that our greatest individual challenge is to close the gap between our unflattering self-concepts and the truth of our magnificence. To see ourselves through the eyes of those who love us." ~ Jeff Brown

I am on the Executive Board of a local sorority, for the first time we have sisters studying abroad. We want to keep them involved but they are causing sister disputes and other issues. Do you have any ideas on how to handle and smooth out relations with these sisters?

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I have a post on staying connected with study abroad sisters and ways to welcome them back warmly: 

• 7 Ways to Stay Connected & Reconnect with Sisters Abroad

But your situation sounds like the absent sisters are stirring up trouble. I don’t understand why? They should be so busy abroad, they don’t have time to cause trouble back at the sorority. Maybe if you implement some more “formal” ways to stay in touch, it will cut down on the problems. If the sisters feel connected, remembered and included on a chapter level, hopefully they will calm down! Make them feel special instead of forgotten.

If things continue to be disruptive, your chapter may have to implement some ground rules about the type and frequency of contact. I guess you can’t stop sisters from communicating on a personal level, but I hope you can steer the abroad sisters in a more positive direction. xoxo :)

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