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I'm working on growing my nails out, I was heavy into biting them and to do that I have been painting them. I was wondering, during recruitment, what are some good colors of nail polish to use, and what are ones we should stay away from? I'm not really into the fake french manicure nails though.

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For recruitment I recommend a pale pink, blush, beige, light coral, or clear polish. You don’t want anything to take the focus off YOU and be a distraction during your rush conversations. Classy neutral shades also blend with your fashions each day (no clashing colors), hide small unexpected chips more easily and make you look well groomed, not flashy. 

Please avoid: black or other super dark polish, glitter polish, nail art, decals, designs, extra long dagger nails, and non-manicured hands. Nails can be short with a fresh manicure and clear polish. Simple and clean is perfectly Ok. French manicures are also fine, even though you personally don’t prefer them. Maintain your polish each evening with a coat of clear polish. This will guard against chips the next day.

During rush, the spotlight should be on your personality and charm ~ not your wild nail polish or your raggedy cuticles! xoxo ;)


Hey so during rush if a sorority girl asks if I like to party what should I say? Because I don't want them to think I'm joining for the parties but If I say no I feel that they'd think I'm boring and not want to give me a bid

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Sorority girls should NOT ask you about partying. It’s an “off limits” topic for panhellenic recruitment. Every sister should be instructed to not discuss drinking, drugs, or fraternity partying in any way. Usually it’s PNMs who accidentally bring up inappropriate subjects and sisters must steer the conversation in a new direction. 

If you find yourself in this type of conversation, just be noncommittal and totally neutral in your response. Do NOT get into examples of your partying, or bragging about your wild escapades. You can say something completely bland like "I love life and I always have a good time wherever I go!" Take a cheery sunshine approach with an emphases on how naturally fun loving you are in any situation. But say nothing specific about drinking or taking drugs. Immediately turn the conversation to the sorority philanthropy, or another “safe” subject. 

It’s Ok to be a cheerful PNM, while avoiding dangerous conversation territory. Your personality should be upbeat and charismatic without mind-altering substances. That’s not boring or dull. Present a likable image and stay away from party talk. xoxo ;)