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How much does it cost to join a sorority? Obviously the size of the chapter & the university will have an effect on dues. What is considered "average"?

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Please visit the sorority sugar FAQ PAGE and read the 3rd question down, where I outline the different ranges of sorority dues. Sorority expenses depend on so many different things. The sorority house, meal plan, activities, national dues, events, etc… You’re right, chapter dues vary widely from campus to campus. Even at the same school, prices can be high to low. Lots of factors effect the total cost. It’s something to consider before you rush, so you can be comfortable getting a bid from any chapter at your university. xoxo :)

I decided not to rush formal and instead go for the interviews/informal that a new sorority on campus is holding, it's only a four day thing where they are having an information session, interviews, philanthropy night then bid day. I know what to wear for the other nights (thanks to you) but for the information night they give no signs of how to dress, in the new flyer they sent out it says blue and white night, but since it's informal rush I wasn't sure what they would be expecting us to wear?

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Since your Information Night is the first “round” it would be the most casual, even in an informal colony recruitment. You can’t go wrong with a sundress and cute sandals, or a skirt and attractive top. I would aim for “nice casual.” Your best relaxed, summery look, like you would wear to a friend’s birthday lunch.

If you show up in shorts, it might be too casual. A sundress or shift looks just as effortless, but a touch more stylish. And I am assuming the blue & white night is the name of the party for the chapter ~ and not a request for all the PNMs to wear those colors. Maybe the chapter recruiting is ADPi? I don’t think it’s a call for you to dress that way, but you might want to confirm that! If there is a contact email, or phone number, to help PNMs with this rush, maybe you could ask someone to clarify the dress requirements for all four days!! Gooooood luck!! xoxo ;)