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Hi! So I'm a senior in high school this year and I want to pledge for a sorority when I go off to school next fall. What all should I know when deciding what sorority and school I want to be apart of?

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When you research your potential colleges and start the application process, make sure you look into greek life on campus as well. It’s just like considering the climate, available majors, campus amenities, clubs, sports and dorms. You should examine all the facets of a university experience. Here are some ways to look into greek life at your favorite schools ~ 

  • I highly recommend the Fiske Guide to Colleges. It is my top pick for comprehensive college information, including the greek scene. 
  • Visit not only the university webistes, but also the Panhellenic Counsel/Greek Life webistes and social media as well. Images and information about each chapter will give you a clear overview of what the greek community is like. 
  • Once you narrow down your college application list, check out individual chapter’s social media for more detailed information. 
  • Look at a few fratnerity sites as well, to see the other 1/2 of greeks on campus. 
  • If there are tours, open houses, preview days, greek tabling events, or early new student orientations ~ try to attend some of them. These pre-recruitment events are fabulous for getting comfortable with greek life and making contact with sorority sisters. 

By looking into these things at the same time you’re considering the total environment of the college, it will greatly help your decisions making. If you want a large, active sorority then you should select a school which provides that option. If low key and intimate is more your style, some colleges have only two small sororities on campus. There is every kind of chapter available in the USA! Have fun finding your ideal college and greek community! xoxo ;) 

rushwear shopping: looking for a skirt instead of shorts…

Q: Where could I find a cute skirt to wear with a go Greek t-shirt? I want to be a little different and where a skirt rather than shorts but I’m not sure where I could find one that would look good with a T-shirt! Any ideas would be great ,:) -

A: If you wear a skirt with a casual greek tee shirt, it should be cute & casual too. There are quite a few attractive and affordable choices at: LULU’s Shop LUST WORTHY fashion from Lulu*s - Click Here! 

• Keep in mind the length of the tee shirt. And if you plan to wear it tucked in, or tucked out… These would be some of my top picks for fun skirts from LuLus ~

• Or you might consider shorts that look more “skirt like” ~

• The shape of these knit skirts from Old Navy would also work well with a greek tee shirt ~ 

I am just getting the idea that you are saying that girls absolutely have to wear the "right" clothes for recruitment. (That being expensive). Several women have said that many girls get caught up in wearing the "right" clothes and liking the "right" things. Does it really matter how much was spent on a recruitment outfit?

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I have never said anything about wearing expensive clothes for recruitment ~ in fact just the opposite! I have published a “discount shopping guide” for rushwear and I’m personally a big believer in consignment shops, buying ‘name brands for less’ at Marshall’s, shopping online sales and even borrowing clothes. The LuLu dresses that I frequently posts are an average of $45 each! Never once have I encouraged PNMs to buy designer dresses with certain labels. 

I think the confusion may come from my post earlier today where I mentioned wearing the “right” things for each round. I meant there should be an appropriate match to the requested casualness or dressiness each day. Meaning if the panhellenic requests a cocktail dress for Pref Night, PNMs should follow the guidelines and not wear cotton shorts. Or ~ if the round is casual, a PNM should not wear a silk dress and diamond jewelry. The rIght clothes, which are in keeping with what is required, is important. Those pieces can be inexpensive or expensive, as long as they match the dress code. 

Sorry for any misunderstanding! I strongly encourage everyone to stay within their own personal budget when recruitment shopping. As long as the ‘style of the outfit is appropriate for the round ~ the price tag in not important to the sororities. Thanks for letting me clarify. xoxo :0