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I transferred to a college that doesn't have my sorority, so if I transfer back to my old school do I have to rush again? How does that work?

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NO you never have to rush again! If you are an initiated member in a sorority ~ you are a member for LIFE! You have to formally disaffiliate to become a non-member. If you transfer back to your original school, or attend another college, you can rejoin greek life right away!

It’s a good idea to select a school with your chapter, so you can continue sorority lovin’ as a student. Once your college days are over, the fun of being a sorority sister “on campus” ends forever. Alumnae life is nice, but nothing like your college years of living in the sorority house, being with your sisters and enjoying the sorority lifestyle from A to Z. xoxo ;)

♥ from the desk of a Sorority House Mom…

PNMs please check out these excellent TIPS directly from a real life House Mom who knows first hand what’s what ~

So, you’re going through Sorority Recruitment in the next few weeks?
No matter what anyone tells you, and no matter how frazzled you may feel leading up to it, you are embarking upon one of the greatest adventures of your life! 

You are leaving your family, your friend group, your high school, and your hometown… and you are setting out to find a new family, a new home, and a sisterhood that will welcome you with open arms.
With your new sisters by your side, you will feel love that you never knew that you needed, you will challenge yourself to live up to creeds and mottos that will become near and dear to your heart, and you will wonder how you ever lived without all of it.

♥ But before all of this happens, can I challenge you to do something?

  • Stop worrying.
  • Stop worrying about being the first person in your family to Go Greek.
  • Stop worrying about friends, boyfriends or family members that don’t understand or support your decision to become a member of a sorority.
  • Stop worrying that you won’t find a home because you don’t look or act like a stereotypic sorority girl. Sisterhood knows no particular size, shape, or shade of skin.
  • Instead of worrying, dare yourself to believe.
  • Believe that you will find a chapter that is a perfect fit.
  • Understand  that finding a sorority that is a perfect fit isn’t necessarily going to be your #1 choice, or a chapter that is in the ‘top tier’. Many sorority women can tell you that they found happiness, love and acceptance in a chapter that was their 2nd or 3rd choice.
  • Be loyal. Be loyal to your sisters. Be loyal to your values.

Dare yourself to believe in the endless possibilities that lie ahead of you this year… and for the next four years!! <3

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Hi! I've been wanting to join a sorority for 3 years now, but I go to a community college due to my low gpa in high school. So I can't do that right now. Next fall I plan on transferring to a university to get my degree, and I was going to rush. I don't know what to do for a year though? I get so jealous seeing all these girls online rushing and recruitment pictures. I just wanna rush already! Do you have any advice for me? Planning ahead tips ?

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You CAN rush as a junior or senior transfer student. It’s not impossible to still find a sorority home. Your choices may be more limited, but you can find a wonderful sisterhood if you keep an open mind. While at your community college, make sure you get involved. Sometimes junior colleges don’t have as many extra curricular activites and clubs as a high school. All the students are commuters and there’s not a lot of school spirit. But you CAN find something to do on campus. Join at least one college club or special interest group. 

You’ll also need to take the initiative and get active in community service. Explore the options in your hometown and see what you can get involved in. Volunteering with children, animals and the elderly are all popular causes in most towns. Food pantries, homeless shelters, health problems/diseases and military support are other areas which you should investigate. All of these charities need volunteers. Your church or religious organization is another source for participation. Work part time and expand your interests on the job as well.

You can also play on a community sports team, take exercise classes, take up a new hobby, join a singing group, start painting ~ whatever interests you! If you live a full life and you are growing personally, you will be totally ready for recruitment when the time comes. Live life to the fullest and it will make you an top PNM one day! xoxo ;)

"Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit." ~ Mary Lou Retton

What would happen if I rushed a sorority at my current school then transfered to another school? I dont think this will happen but this may make me want to wait for spring recruitment

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If the school you transfer to has the same sorority, then you can transfer your membership to the other chapter. If they don’t have your sorority, then you would be out of luck. You would need to go “early alum” or a similar inactive status (depending on chapter membership policies.) You can’t participate if the new school doesn’t have your organization. Ideally you transfer to a college with your sorority and there is no problem at all. Transfers are very common. xoxo ;)

I want To join a sorority... but I have No idea of wear To start, what To wear, when To start And I'M a senior In high school this year... please help!!! ~Much love, Allison

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PLEASE visit the sorority sugar HOMEPAGE as soon as possible! On my top navigation bar you will find many helpful pages with tons of information about going greek. You can start with the Glossary of Terms and move onto the FAQ Page where I have links to all the information you are looking for. I have a section on ‘what to do in HS’ and plenty of other info for PNMs. The Recruitment Style Guide is handy for fashions. 

Once you are registered for rush you will get lots of specific information from your Panhellenic on everything from what to wear to how recruitment works. But the sorority sugar posts will help you learn about sorority membership in general and give you a head start in preparing for for rush while you’re in high school. 

Another source for finding helpful advice is the sorority sugar Pinterest Library “Sorority Girls Do It Better!” There I have title cards for all of my top “TIP” posts. Click on the titles for easy linking to my blog. And keep following sorority sugar for daily ideas, inspiration, advice and more!! xoxo ;)