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I'm taking a little this semester and I cannot choose between two ladies. I have a connection with both of them but I cannot decide who to rank first. HELP

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It’s very nice to have two amazing candidates to choose from! Great problem to have, instead of the opposite. I have a list of things to consider in selecting a Little. I suggest you take the list and answer the questions for one potential Little and then the other. Once you work through the criteria for each new member, one will probably start to rise to the surface. If both are still equal when you’re finished, then you really can’t go wrong listing them either way. At that point you can leave it up to fate, the Little’s rankings and your chapter’s match-making committee. xoxo ;)

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I just wanted to say that I'm a freshman going through recruitment and your blog has helped me so much! I have my bid day tomorrow and I cannot wait. Thank you for running such an amazing blog. I'm sure it's helped so many other girls as it has me! Have a fantastic day. :)

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!!!!!!!! Tomorrow will be a FABULOUS DAY !!!!!!!!! One you will remember for the rest of your life. Enjoy every moment!! XOXO ;)

How do you think a sorority would be towards a Wiccan? Would they be accepting? Should it be something brought up during recruitment? My greek friends say they love diversity but after a few negative experiences(not with them) im a little worried...

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Surprisingly you are the 2nd Wiccan to write to sorority sugar! I didn’t know there were so many Wiccans interested in going greek. I think you should “be yourself” and be forthright during recruitment. Even though pagan practices are not something you would normally discuss during lighthearted rush conversations, it will probably come up when talking about your interests and activities. 

If your witchcraft is not going to infringe on other sisters, it should be Ok. No “viewpoint” should be in forced on other members. But if your rituals are private, then hopefully it won’t be an issue. Remember though, you’re in a small minority and not everyone will be comfortable with it. There may be some different opinions within Christian and Jewish based chapters. Most sororities in the NPC do not openly practice a faith these days. but many have strong faith-based founding principles from the 1800s. You might be at odds with some of them, not just them with you…. 

I believe there is a place for everyone, so you need to look for a sisterhood who will accept you for who you are. There is no point in hiding your lifestyle just to pledge a sorority. Your membership needs to be based on honesty and mutual respect. Keep in mind, every PNM is evaluated on her personality and lifestyle compatibility. If you’re not a match for some chapters, it’s totally normal. It doesn’t mean they hate Wiccans, they just don’t click with your way of life. The same standard holds true for every PNM.

I say, nothing ventured nothing gained. If you find you’re not a compatible match with the greek community, you are not obligated to join. You can drop out of recruitment at anytime with no negative consequences. It’s perfectly Ok to have greek friends and non-friends on campus and be very happy. xoxo ;)

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