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My sister has joined a sorority at her university and i thought I should get her a gift having to do with her new sisterhood. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for sites where I can find some cute gift ideas? Thanks so much!!!

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Giving sorority gifts to a new member is an excellent idea. GIving your sister something sweet as a new sister is great, for her Christmas gifts, and/or for her initiation is terrific too. You can give sorority sugar for every occasion! 

For ideas, please follow my blog and social media. I post gift ideas every day of the week. I have amazing sponsors who have the VERY BEST gifts in the greek marketplace. To find the “best of the best” sorority websites, please visit my PREF SHOPPING LINKS PAGE. There you will find links to many, many quality greek shops where you can purchase gifts with confidence. I highly recommend each one and can assure you that they are all reliable sites with high quality merchandise. Also click on the ADs posted on my Homepage, which will take you directly to my sponsor’s websites for shopping. 

My blog, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook have new gift posts all the time. Please browse those sites for inspiration and use the links on my shopping page for connecting to your favorite stores. Happy gifting! xoxo ;)

so this is going to be a totally stupid question, but I'm really new to sororities! Can you tell me what a big and little are- I'm guessing they're mentors for newbies??

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That’s right ~ a big sister is matched with a new member to be her guide, mentor, friend and partner. The family tree grows each year as new sisters are added. (Sometimes schools and other clubs do the same type of thing to help their new members adjust to the organization.) The partnership is a hopefully a supportive and loving experience. If all goes well it can be the start of a lifelong friendship. Often there are a few bumps in the road, but here at sorority sugar we try hard to work them out!! xoxo ;)

My school has a deferred recruitment process for freshmen, so rush is in the spring. I have met and talked to a few of the girls from the sororities I'm interested in. What else should I do before spring recruitment?

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Meet and get friendly with as many greeks as possible. That includes fraternity guys and girls from all the chapters, not just the ones you think you like. You never know which sororities you will fall in love with during recruitment, so having the maximum number of connections is beneficial. You can’t know ‘too many’ people on campus. Networking plays a bigger part in Spring rush than fall recruitment. Since everyone is together for a full semester, it gives the chapters and PNMs time to size each other up. Being known (in a good way) before you enter the sorority houses is an advantage. 

Also keep your grades UP the first semester and get involved in a couple of other activities on campus. Unlike PNMs who have no college experience when they rush in the fall, you will be asked about what you’ve been doing the semester prior. Your rush conversations will not only be about your high school experiences. Don’t have a blank spot for the college portion of your PNM resume.

For example, it will help if you’re able to say you joined the school newspaper and the photography club. Maybe you also volunteer or work part time. Be sure to have recent events as part of your profile and not just what you did in years past. You want to be an active and enthusiastic PNM in the present tense too. xoxo ;)

I'm looking to start a Christian sorority chapter of SAO on my campus. We aren't pretty into Greek Life here, but I think it would be nice to have. How hard is it to start a new chapter? Any advice?

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It’s quite a challenge to launch a new chapter. I am not familiar with the process of starting new sororities outside of the NPC, but I assume much of the same hard work must take place. You can contact the national HQ for SAO and ask them if they have any expansion plans for your campus. Maybe you will get lucky and they are already considering the idea. Your college also has to approve the idea and there’s lots and lots of planning that takes place before launching any new sorority. 

I personally recommend you try rushing the already established chapters at your school. It’s a much more realistic goal and you can get started enjoying greek life right away. Give recruitment a try and see what you think. xoxo ;)

So our Big lists are due and I'm at a complete loss. Now I've narrowed it down and I've ranked them how I would like them but the girl I have at the top of my list already has two other littles. I'm afraid that being her third little will be too much, but I also think we get along well and she's got a lot to teach me. The second girl on my list is a new big so I can't decide if I want switch the two around. I think I get along equally well with both.

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From how you’ve described both girls, you really can’t go wrong. The one without two other littles would be my top choice, just because she’s more available to have a special big/little relationship. But both sisters sound sweet and nice. You can list them as you wish, and let fate handle who you are paired with.

It’s nice that you have found several active sisters who get along with. Keep in mind you’re all in the same sorority, so you can still be friendly with the big who you’re not matched with. You should have a wonderful big and other sisters to share good times with too. Yours is the ideal sisterhood situation! xoxo ;)

To the girl who's nationals "assigned" bigs, my chapter told us that our Panhellenic council had done the same and we were going to get randomized and stuck with someone, and it was merely something to throw us off track and think we weren't going to have who we wanted. We all ended up getting the bigs we wanted and had put down on our lists! :)

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YOU NEVER KNOW what will happen during big/little season. The most mysterious time of year…..