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What do you do in sororities?

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A LOT!! Here are some top greek girl activities ~ 

50 Things That Sororities Sisters Do:

  1. Attend meetings & more meetings
  2. Perform rituals
  3. Learn chapter history and traditions
  4. Socialize a lot
  5. Fundraise a lot
  6. Volunteer a lot
  7. Plan and attend events of all kinds
  8. Recruit new members during formal and informal recruitment, including work week, rush week, bid day party & informal events
  9. Attend study tables
  10. Go to all-greek parties & fraternity parties
  11. Host mixers and exchanges with fraternities
  12. Live & Love together in the sorority house
  13. Host ‘Meet the Greeks’ display tables
  14. Compete in all-greek events and fundraisers like Greek Week and Derby Days
  15. Plan and attend chapter formals and semi formals
  16. Hold offices and get lots of leadership experience in finance, motivating others, risk management, membership satisfaction, etc
  17. Paint banners, signs, posters, lawn letters, notifiers, name tags, room decor & more
  18. Partner closely with other sisters via big/little matchmaking
  19. Give lots of gifts and treats during big/little week
  20. Decorate big/little doors and rooms
  21. Interact with alumnae 
  22. Take trips together like spring break
  23. Attend sisterhood & new member retreats
  24. Play on greek intramural sports teams
  25. Hold office on the Panhellenic Council
  26. Volunteer as a Rho Gamma/Gamma Chi
  27. Eat meals together 
  28. Become fraternity sweethearts and hold other positions of honor with fraternities 
  29. Host parent’s weekends and dad & mom days
  30. Attend formals and semi formals at fraternities 
  31. Perform ceremonies such as pledge pinning and candlelights
  32. Interact with the campus greek life office and sorority national headquarters
  33. Attend educational seminars, speeches and learning sessions
  34. Participate in the Homecoming Parade & events
  35. Craft, craft, craft
  36. Give speeches and tributes to other sisters
  37. Win awards within the greek community
  38. Perform in skits, dance competitions, cheer competitions, marathons, talent shows, run races, etc…
  39. Hang out with sisters just because 
  40. Attend creative costume parties 
  41. Earn points, pay dues, keep your GPA up & act responsibly so you don’t end up a standards problem
  42. Pose for chapter portraits
  43. Buy lots and lots of tee shirts 
  44. Tailgate and attend football games together
  45. Design tee shirts, computer graphics and other chapter promotional materials 
  46. Maintain sorority social media, websites and PR projects
  47. Attend many other chapter’s fundraisers
  48. Participate as leaders on campus in other clubs, sports and organizations
  49. Be role models on campus for what it means to be greek
  50. Have the best time in college ever with the best sorority ever!

Is your rec letter list current?

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Well it’s semi-current. This summer there were many new additions to the list, but the activity had died down now that rush is either over or in full swing. The NEWER rec letter writers are at the TOP of the list. The older ones (which might be out of date) are from the middle to the bottom. It’s hard to know when someone wants off the list, but I do removals & updates when requested. 

I will probably totally clear the list in the next few weeks, so it can be FRESH and current for spring recruitment. For now, I would recommend contacting the volunteers listed on the top 1/2 for better results. xoxo ;)