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bad times on greek row…

Q: My charter just got revoked. I was on alum status when I found out the news. Now I’m wondering where do I go from here. Do I stop wearing the letters? When people ask what chapter I’m in can I still say it? And especially because I’m still attending campus and would like to wear my letters. Idk, I feel like people would gossip about it or something.

A: Oh no! I am super sorry to hear this bad news. I know you are in a difficult situation. I am assuming your national organization is still functioning and it’s only your particular chapter that was revoked. Under that assumption, you are still a member of your national organization I believe, even if your chapter has left campus. If you are a member for life, then you can still wear your greek letters. And if you are asked about your organization, you can respond with your greek name, not your chapter designation name. Or, you can say you were in the former XY chapter of ABC. I would probably leave the chapter name out of it and just identify yourself as an ABC greek. 

Now the issue comes down to wearing your letters on campus or not. I think you may need to ‘test the waters’ and see what happens. If it stirs controversy, or people ask too many questions, then you should let things cool off before wearing your greek sweatshirt to class. Time heals all wounds and pretty soon the gossip will die down. It might be wise to let some time go by before donning your greek apparel. Let memories fade a bit. But know that sooner or later, it will be Ok to wear your letters again.

Patience and healing is what you need right now. Always keep your pride and fraternal loyalty in your heart and head ~ even when you are not outwardly displaying your affiliation. If you act with honor and respect, that means much more than wearing a tee shirt! Even though your chapter had some unfortunate troubles, YOU can still be a shining example of what it means to be greek and act accordingly. They can close your chapter, but they can’t take the good things you’ve learned away from you. Cherish the best parts from your membership and move forward with the most positive attitude possible. xoxo ;)

"The greatest power is often simple patience." ~ E. Joseph Cossman

"Integrity is not a 90 percent thing, not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don’t." ~ Peter Scotese

how do you recommend becoming more popular on tumblr?

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It takes hard work and lots of daily dedication! Here are some of my top tips for bogging success on tumblr ~

  • Reblog as much as you can and network with the other bloggers in your “category.” 
  • Pick a specialty category that you love, such as preppy, fashion, girly, desserts, or whatever is your interest. Be the best in your niche. 
  • If you just have a personal blog with no “viewpoint” it will be harder to boost your popularity. It’s good to have a certain identifiable personality or passion online. “Focus” leads to more recognition. 
  • Post every day, but not so many photos that it becomes annoying. Find the right balance. 
  • Don’t post 1,000 pictures in a row. Post some, take a break and post some more later. That way you are not hogging the dashboard all at one time. 
  • Credit the photos found outside of tumblr and link to them via the source line. 
  • Promote our tumblr blog through your other social media. Post announcements which bring more people to your tumblr page. 
  • Follow as many other bloggers as possible. If they see you following, and you have great content, they will follow back. 
  • Look for unique images outside of tumblr and bring them to your audience. Reblogging is good, but if you want to grow, you  need ‘original’ content from other sources. 
  • Superior images = popularity. If you can find the photos your followers adore, your blog will grow. It’s similar to a restaurant needing to serve really good food. If you provide the tastiest posts, your name recognition will skyrocket. 
  • Avoid politics, religion and other controversial topics if you want a neutral, friendly blog. 
  • Don’t get bogged down in nasty anonymous posts and online arguments. It gets tiresome and unpleasant for other followers. 
  • Always keep your blog new and interesting with something different every day. Constantly freshen your background, add new pages, create new features that you enjoy.
  • Host some kind of contest now and then to draw more followers in. 
  • Invite your followers to submit comments and photos. Engage them in the process of your blog and they will be more committed. 
  • Obey the rules of tumblr, be polite, be generous and promote other blogs, share information and be an active part of your niche category. You will gain the reputation of being a decent blogger and be well-respected online. 

so I'm thinking of rushing a sorority next semester, and I've come across some hazing stories that are pretty disturbing and frightening. is it still worth it to pledge a sorority?

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I don’t know where these horror stories are coming from, but please don’t seek them out!! In my personal experience at a very large university (ASU) I never came within a hint of any form of hazing whatsoever, and I never heard of anything happening at other sororities on campus. Most of my followers share the same experience. I’m sure there are some roque chapters out there, but sorority hazing in not the norm in the NPC.

Fraternities have a different history with hazing and maybe you are reading about them. Also local chapters and other organizations are not under the same supervision as the National Panhellenic Conference which has strict rules against any thoughts of hazing. Universities are also firmly against it in these modern times. So the odds of you experiencing anything but spoiling as a new member are very slight. 

In my opinion it is totally worth it to go greek. I have an entirely different view of sisterhood than what you are reading about. Please check it out for yourself before making a firm decision. If the chapters on your campus seem untrustworthy and scary ~ please don’t join! But if they are like the sororities I post for everyday, I think you will find a warm and loving group of girlfriends. xoxo ;)

do you have a tag dedicated to pan love?

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I do use the tag #panhellenic but I use it for everything, so there are over 3,294+ posts under that tag. I tag text posts and photos with panhellenic, sorority, go greek and greek life all the time. So if you are looking for something special under that category it will be hard to find I’m afraid. Basically my whole blog is pan love. lol.  :/ 

Ok I'm in a bit of a pickle. My big and my little are both graduating this year and I'm trying to keep things unique but along the same lines. I bought my little a watch, which I believe is a great college graduation gift bc it's classy and like a welcome to the grown up world thing but my big doesn't wear jewelry and doesn't watches or anything. We could barely get here in a dress for pref night during recruitment. Any ideas on what to get her for graduation?!

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If your big doesn’t like to wear jewelry, and I’m sure she has plenty of tee shirts and picture frames, then you are left with some sort of decorative item or keepsake! Here are some ideas:

• Sorority tee shirt quilts are perfect for seniors, but they can get a little expensive. Instead, how about a greek tee shirt throw pillow, sham or teddy bear? You can order a custom one from 3 Stitch Creations



• Photo gifts from Tiny Prints offers keepsake goodies you can custom create with your own big/little photos! A terrific gift for a big who isn’t into jewelry. I love these ~ 



GREEK U sells pretty crystal boxes with sorority crests and letters. These are nice for an alum to put on her dresser or desk. 



• sells sweet items like a sorority throw blanket, a set of crest glassware, and a gear bag for the gym or travel. All nice giftie ideas for a grad.




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